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Comment Re:Welcome to the Botnet (Score 2, Insightful) 176

Drive-by hacking, probably not as it doesnt look like they were after money, or extortion, or attempting ransomware installation. In fact, because it attempted to be stealth, its not even an attack for fun, as most vandals like to let you know you got pwnd.
It might not be internal domestic spying thug, could be from the UK (The Guardian likes to tap phones and listen to voicemails too) or china - (too many examples to list).

Comment Re:Windows 7 (Score 1) 965

I remember I had to buy a commodore 64 to write software for the commodore platform too, that wasnt cheap at the time, about twice the cost of my ZX Spectrum, but the C64 was a more popular platform at the time. Then I had to go and buy an Amiga, when I could have got an Atari for half the money.
So again, if you want to write of OS X, you will probably need a Mac.
The other way is to write it for Linux, then it will probably port well to the other platforms fairly easily.

Comment Re:Windows 7 (Score 1) 965

I have to admit, I love Mac Minis. They are silent, reasonably powerful, and still able to be opened without too much trouble. On it you can run OS X, Windows or Linux. I still have a 2008 Mini runing plex under my TV. As a client for linux systems, it is pretty good, or was until Mountain Lion borked X11 support, but still a better client than Windows for living on the internet.
Other advantage is OS upgrades for OS X are cheap. At NZ$40 for my last upgrade to mountain lion which installed fine over the internet, compared to Windows 8 pro at NZ$300 and I still had to burn the ISO to a DVD to install.

Comment Re:This should have stopped a long time ago (Score 1) 469

When I was a kid, we would club together to buy a gmae on cassette tape for our ZX Spectrums, then have a dubbing party, running the cassettes through high speed dubbing decks. Then they started doing document checks, looking for words from the manual, so we photocopied the manuals.
Then PC games came along with intentionally bad sectors, and along came the hacks disabling the sector checks.
Then the internet happened, VHS gave way to DVDs with DRM in the form of CSS and region locking, which was then hacked, and made DVDs usable for the rest of the world, so I could watch my region 1 disks in my region 4 player.
Then iTunes sold encrypted songs, whcih I burned to CD (had to play them in the car anyway) and ripped back as .ogg and MP3. (Then - holy shit! Apple realised DRM cost them more money and they could increase profit by ditching the DRM as it had no effect, so they stopepd doing it. And now iTunes is the biggest digital song retailer in the world.)
Then came HDDVD and Blueray - Sony bought the movie companies executives some nice drinks and Blueray won. You couldnt play the movies unless you had copy protection all the way from the player to the screen, or you could rip the Blueray and re-encode as an MKV.
DRM has NEVER stopped the copiers.

Comment This is nothing (Score 1) 469

Just wait for the next round of consoles. You won't be able to buy disks for them, all the games will be download only, require online access all the time and no, you can't sell them. And all your movies and music will be streamed, and no, you can't keep them or transfer to other devices to watch/listen to them. But you will be allowed to buy install credits, 500cr at time for $100, but the games will be 510cr, so you have to buy two credit packs, and just like a strip joint, wont let you cash out the funny money for real dollars when you leave. And you cant get a refund if the game is crap or doesnt work as advertised.

And still people will flock to the new shiny, handing over all their consumer rights along with their money.

Comment Re:Engineering was always a better bet.. (Score 1) 630

I studied Software Engineering at polytech. Bringing the diciplins of engineering to sofware design. We lernt about SoC system, how computers actually work, right down at the silicon, electrical noise, programming theory, multiple languages, software design, documentation. However after three years, I graduated and still spent 2 years looking for work in the field. Ended up as Tech Support for a local PC builder. Ran their service desk until I got all my CNE and MCSE quals, then they went but and I got a better job 8)

Comment Re:Explains a lot (Score 3, Interesting) 192

f course, I've been reading with my iPad and iPhone in bed.
1 I find that the biggest problem of falling asleep with the iPad is that it hurts much more than my iPhone when you fall asleep and it hits you in the nose.
iBooks and Kindle also have a night mode 8) this stops the wife complaining of the LCD glow.
And I've started reading 2312. If this doesnt put you to sleep, nothing will.

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