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Comment Re:idiotic politically correct fears indeed (Score -1, Flamebait) 1223

I don't agree with everything he said but his heart is in the right place. Mitt Romey is not a fucking moron, He's a fucking asshole. He's a dickhead. He's a crook. But he's not a moron.

Mormonism? Of course it's batshit crazy. So is every other organized religion.

Comment Re:Just self defense (Score 1) 208

You botched it. How ironic.

Chevy Chase: And now with tonight's commentary; Miss Emily Litella.
Emily Litella: Thank you, cheddar. What's all this talk about violins on tv? I think we need more violins and less of that loud rock music. And furthermore...
Chevy Chase: Uh, excuse me; Miss Litella. It's violence on TV, not violins.
Emily Litella: Oh. Never mind.

Comment Re:First self-driving crash - who to blame, or sue (Score 0) 282

Airplanes have autopilots than can automatically land the plane but human supervision is still required. With your limited vision you wouldn't be able to supervise the car's behavior.

They already make night vision systems for some cars. Maybe a variation of that idea could work well enough to allow visually impaired people to drive safely, or at least to control an automated vehicle.

Comment Re:Little attention was given. Read Consumer Repor (Score 0) 345

All consumer reports ever talked about was the details.

Yes, Toyota and Honda used to make panels fit better than GM. OTOH, those panels rusted out faster and the car as a whole was nowhere near as good as Detroit Iron.

I wouldn't trade my old Buick for a brand new Toyota. I probably wouldn't trade it for a new Buick either. They seem to be taking bad ideas from across the pond.

Comment The miraculous eggplant (Score 0, Offtopic) 354

When I was a little girl, the only thing eggplants were good for was eating. But then disgraceful women started using them to make their chests bigger. It's an outrage I tell you, an outrage! Do you know how many starving children an eggplant can feed? And now we find out that those same eggplants could be used to help the blind. Someday eggplants will be able to cure cancer, but there won't be any left because Pamela Anderson used them all up.

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