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Comment Text (Score 1) 189

I think a part of the Internet's appeal to some is the ability to post their opinion without personal judgement on the character. You can voice an opinion or ask a question quickly and mostly anonymously.

We have been used to text with newspapers and the digital world for a really long time and it's certainly not going away.

A good example of this is forums. I don't imagine forums being turned into video clips of you responding to replies. It's just too personal and involved (my hair has to be nice, have to be clothed, and can't be shoveling in ice cream while I talk).

Now that's not to say that there can't be an increase in video usage. But I don't ever see it becoming a main source of the general internet public's way to create content.

Comment Re:Government willfully ignorant of their own laws (Score 1) 307

You don't look for vulnerabilities in someone's 'public' place of business either. It's as if you broke into the library's safe and told the owner 'Your locking mechanism is out of date, I was able to break into it... Then I found your building access key in the safe so I decided to break into all of your employee's offices too."

Quoted from the article: "Levin then went a step further and used the Lee County supervisor's username and password to gain access to other password protected areas."

Comment Re:Shut up (Score 2) 321

Such a near sighted comment. -Wishing- an attack and deaths of many thousands and possibly millions of people just to 'stomp' an army into the ground.

This isn't a video game, these are people's lives. Losing your parents, children, loved ones, and/or family is horrible every single time.

Please don't think of wars at a macro level with a 'winner' and 'loser'. At the micro level, it's devastating; brothers that live their lives without limbs, children born without eyes, and sometimes lifetime poverty for families.

I'm so appreciative of the fact that I've grown up without this is my life, but I do think it's made everyone forget about the real life impact wars have on people.

Comment Why is this a bad thing???? (Score 1) 97

I'm really confused why most commenters here have such a negative viewpoint on IoT.

Many comments about "security is terrible", "I don't need internet connected devices, my X device works just fine."

OK, then --don't-- buy it. But you have to realize that the market going through development of products to find consumer desire is a GOOD thing.

Maybe 97% of all the devices end up going away (by the way, without a dollar that I spent on them). But those 3% of devices might actually be helpful and worth the cost; maybe they save lives.

Trying new things and moving forward on an old concept (home automation) creates new options. I LIKE more options, it's the whole reason why I live longer. Please continue to innovate world.

Comment Re:I have an idea (Score 1) 600

WW2 is no war to be looking for success in. This war is a worst possible outcome. Over 60 million people died which is a countable percentage of our world wide population at the time. Death on this level is unimaginable, painful, horrible, and a giant black mark on human history.

Let's not talk about a successful outcome of this war. Let's talk about how to prevent these wars.

WW2 arguably comes from more history of death, hate, and oppression. Humans have been doing this for thousands of years, and if your goal is to reduce human death & war, this has -not- been successful.

Comment Re:The IRS keeps its hooks in US citizens who leav (Score 1) 365

It takes worry, planning, and very personal care to achieve a $2 million net worth in the first place. After so much work and dedication, you do not want to see this money disappear and potentially hurt your charitable, retirement and family trust fund plans.

You should look up retirement costs. It's really expensive to live from age 60 to 90-100. You should start saving ASAP.

Comment Re:I have an idea (Score 4, Insightful) 600

What's the line then? There are millions of conflicts around the world that we can 'get involved with'. Saudi Arabia likes to behead and crucify people, should we 'get involved' with them? What is the number of wars and death it takes to make everyone do exactly what we want them to do?

Did you know ISIS was born of intervention policies from the U.S. government? The reason why they are even around is because we are involved.

Strangely enough, when you kill someone family members, they hate you every single time. I guess you should stamp out that hate with more death and hate...

Comment Graphics (Score 1) 126

I'm most intrigued by this game's graphics. To me, this has a Crysis like element to it where this is next generation graphics.

It makes sense that they were able to generate this kind of detail in a game that doesn't have a supreme amount of content. But because of this, it interests me. I can't name another game that looks quite like this.

I haven't purchased a $60 dollar game in a long time so I'll likely pass on it. However, I do want to get my hands on a demo at some point.

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