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GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - Progress Report From A Developer Trying to Go Open Source, Funded By Donations (

TroysBucket writes: The developer of the game "Linux Tycoon" is attempting to release all of his software under the GPL and fund further development with donations. He gives a status update on how this is going. Spoiler: Not bad, but could be better. An interesting case study for anyone who's been thinking about doing something similar.

Putin Orders Russian Move To GNU/Linux 500

Glyn Moody writes "Vladimir Putin has signed an order calling for Russian federal authorities to move to GNU/Linux, and for the creation of 'a single repository of free software used in the federal bodies of executive power.' There have been a number of Russian projects to roll out free software, notably in the educational sector, but none so far has really taken off. With the backing of Putin, could this be the breakthrough free software has been waiting for?"

Comment Re:KDE 4.5 Beta 2 came out today (Score 1) 122

Quote from release announcement:

Over the last two weeks, roughly since the first beta, 1459 new bugs have been reported, and 1643 bugs have been closed, so we're witnessing a lot of stabilization activity right now. More testing is in place, however, while the restless developers continue to create a rock-stable 4.5.0

Really nice to see much work being put in to stabilization, even if it means few less features :)

Comment Re:Well, shit (Score 1) 340

4. You can force SSL for all communication with their site.

It seems that is in beta testing phase and works now. I immediately changed my homepage when I found it. This may be old news, but I missed any announcements about it. I know SSL has been implemented in gmail for a while. may encrypt search it self, but as soon as you click on one of the links from the search result you are leaving secure area, and your request for that website can be monitored by third party.

Comment Create different partitions on external drive (Score 2, Informative) 484

Create different partitions on external drive, one for example EXT3 and other FAT32. EXT3 would be large and FAT32 would be very small couple of megabytes. On smaller partition you would have EXT3 drivers for Windows machines. With this you would be able to access EXT3 from any machine. You could also try different file systems in same way.

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