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Comment Why not MiracleData(tm)? (Score 2) 137

Hi folks, Dan from MiracleData(tm) here! I thought I'd take advantage of Slashdot's new AskSlashdot sponsorship feature to throw in my two cents worth, and recommend to you our own line of MiracleServers(tm)! While I am the chairman and CEO of MiracleData(tm), I don't want you to think I'm biased in any way when I say - without fear of contradiction, since I now control the moderation on this thread - that MiracleData(tm) is the greatest service to mankind since the invention of modern medicine! No, that's only because it's absolutely, 100% true!

Now, just to give you an example, how much would you pay for our entry-level MiracleLite(tm) server? It features 64 cores, 512 GB of RAM and over 100 terabytes of disk space! Sounds perfect for your little art project, right? Well, don't answer that price question yet, because a box like that needs a fat pipe to keep it happy, and that's why we're pairing our MiracleLite(tm) server with your own dedicated, unmetered OC-96 line! NOW how much would you pay? Got a number? Good! Now, what if I told you you could have that server and connection for....$1.79 PER YEAR! You'd say that's insane, right? And you'd be RIGHT - it IS insane, because we're INSANE for low prices here at MiracleData!!!1!!11!!!

So in conclusion, I think you can see that MiracleData(tm) is the only sensible choice here. Give us a call to get started today, and remember our motto - "If It's A Good Server, It's A Miracle"!

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