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Comment Re:Neat... but why? (Score 1) 285

What problem is this trying to address?

Saving on bandwidth costs? Providing a better streaming experience for customers on poor or throttled connections? Storage space savings?

So nothing that's REALLY important then?

So what would something REALLY important be?

Increased fidelity for rendering skin tones?

Comment Re:Good ... (Score 1, Offtopic) 175

That's just crazy.

If this kind of thing keeps up, we may start seeing stupid laws about how "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

You just can't run a country like that. It would never work.

Comment Re:Rational basis (Score 1) 367

"Outsider here so this may be a stupid question but how is a reputation of "Our products are finished 1-2 years after we release them thanks to the support of paying customers" a good thing?"

Because the alternative is "We are finished with our products 1-2 weeks after we release them and any remaining bugs may be fixed in the next game or paid expansion. Pay up or suffer."

Comment Re:Holy 1980s! (Score 1) 80

Physical media doesn't last forever either. Try to buy a laserdisc player in an electronics store, if your laserdiscs haven't already failed from oxidization.

With physical media, I can rip it to my computer and store it redundantly.

That sounds easy. Just put it in your computer's laserdisc drive and off you go.

Comment Just wait until next year (Score 1) 109

Nielsen Holdings is also in negotiations to purchase neuroscience firm Voight and Kampff next year, and hopes to improve their ability to detect which programs and advertisements are being watched by human viewers and which are only being scanned by computers.

"And now a word from our sponsors..."

"Do you ever find yourself walking along in the desert when all of the sudden you look down and you see a tortoise crawling toward you? You reach down, you flip the tortoise over on it's back. The tortoise lays on it's back, it's belly baking in the hot sun, beating it's legs trying to turn itself over and enjoy the refreshing taste of New Diet Cloaca Cola..."

Comment Re:If... (Score 1) 363

You seem to be under some illusions about the working conditions of University professors. Most of your professors are adjuncts, working part time for less than minimum wage.

You're upset because your professor didn't contact you way before the first class to tell you what the expectations were? Guess what? The University probably hadn't even gotten around to hiring her yet. And even if they had, they reserved the right to say "just kidding" and cancel it at the last minute.

You want someone to blame for the poor quality of your education? It's not your professors. It's the "dooshbags" they are working for.

I am sorry to hear that you are out an extra $50 for the cost of a new textbook. Your professor, who makes about $20,000 a year by working at three different schools with no benefits, no job security and no support from their employer, knows what that feels like.

Comment Re:If... (Score 2) 363

Here's what one former university professor had to say about his experience with the textbook industry.

The man from the book depository was there, and he said, "Excuse me; I can explain that. I didn't send it to you because that book hadn't been completed yet. There's a rule that you have to have every entry in by a certain time, and the publisher was a few days late with it. So it was sent to us with just the covers, and it's blank in between. The company sent a note excusing themselves and hoping they could have their set of three books considered, even though the third one would be late."

It turned out that the blank book had a rating by some of the other members! They couldn't believe it was blank, because [the book] had a rating. In fact, the rating for the missing book was a little bit higher than for the two others. The fact that there was nothing in the book had nothing to do with the rating.

Comment There's only one thing to do now (Score 1) 42

Now Intel needs to produce their own version of this informative video explaining how their customers can remove the MX Logic/McAfee/Intel Security/Partridge-in-Pear-Tree product.

I believe that Treasure, Carmella and Sasha are available for consultation although Bianca and Diamond have left the IT support industry.

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