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Comment so? (Score 1) 236

these information are available on the card in TEXT FORM anyways.... it is easy to be "stolen" everytime you whip it out with the wonderful technology we call "EYES".... this is why pin number exist, this is why the 3 digit security code exist.... and without those information, any transaction processed on the card can be easily reverted by calling your credit card company.... non-issue... technically this makes phone payment more secure since it does not have card number, expiry date and name written in plain text, you don't need to worry about people reading it when you whip it out and NFC can be easily disabled and only enable by button press using apps such as tasker.... as long as you don't lose your phone (even if you do, google wallet for example has pin number and can be remotely disabled in google accounts)

Comment 1000 mile range for 25 KG of Aluminum Air Battery (Score 1) 171

from wikipedia (, research shows each one of these 1000 Miles packs would cost around $30 + tax + misc = $150? even then it is still competitive with Gas prices nowadays... The only question I can think of is the sustainability of this if it becomes widely adopted.

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