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Journal Minozake's Journal: Dear Diary!

Dear Dijournalry,

About me:

I am a guy in both sex and gender, even though my username is feminine in both sex and gender. My username is a common roleplaying name of mine, and it has no intentional meaning associated with it. I am uncaring about religion, thus irreligious. I am an agnostic atheist as I claim that one cannot prove nor disprove existences of deities and I do not believe in said deities. The closest I have gotten was when I was highly interested about Asatru. But, I am past that. I can see past religion in anyone unless someone makes a conscious effort to let me know that they think that religion determines a person. Then I get to judge them for being a fucking moron. I also use various deities as a metaphor (God did it! Thor is angry! Apollo has seen me naked... ^_^).

I am a Sixth year trombonist and I love it. I currently play bass trombone, but I march in parade block with a tenor trombone. I am very passionate about the proper way to high step (or chair step), which 90% of our band does not do correctly. It's hips parallel to the ground with a 120 degree angle between the hip and the shin with toes pointed down as far as they can go, torso straight up deviating 15 degrees left and right with each step, and 90 degree elbows with fingers straight out unless they are needed to hold the instrument.

Now that you see how sad I am, I love programming. I currently use Windows for things to just work and gaming, and I use Gentoo Linux on my desktop and Slackware because it is FUN to tinker around with everything. I just installed Slackware on my laptop within the past 2 hours and it is working quite good. My desktop is horribly unstable, though: Run it for 2 hours straight with X running to 5 hours without X running and it will lock up, then I need A. P. Reisub to help me fix the crash. I can actually leave Windows on for two or three weeks straight without problems. I hate my computer. Intel piece of poopy. Then I have an ATI card. Let me tell you: ATI and Linux is like pizza and ice cream: Good apart, nauseating together.

Now you know how much I have no life. I am very open-minded From pedophiles to incest, I have examined them. On abortion I am pro-choice up until birth, (consensual) incest is one's victimless choice, pedophiles are not automajically child molesters, victimless crimes are bullshit (from 'shrooms to suicide), hate crimes are thought crimes, consensual bestiality is okay (if you are going to tell me that a horse isn't going to hurt you while you rape it, rape the horse and send me pics)...

Get point?

I love programming. I am proficient in QBasic (my first language for my Computer I class) and I am currently learning C++ (for my Computer II Honors class). I do also do on and off scripting like HTML (like in this journal post) and I was learning Perl for a time, but that died.

Not voting and proud! My vote isn't going to count. Our de facto bipartisan system is BROKE. I don't want to chose between a giant douche and a turd sandwich. Fuck Hillary and Obama, fuck McCain. Fuck Democrats, fuck Republicans, fuck Green, and fuck Constitutional parties as well as any other fucking party. Partisan systems DON'T work. Let's elect someone that will do NOTHING. All presidents that have screwed up everything DID something. Let's see what doing NOTHING will do.

Don't give me BS about how if I don't vote, I have no right to complain. That is equivalent to saying if I don't go to a whorehouse, I don't have the right to complain about herpes. Those things both affect me whether I do the action or not. I will complain. It is my constitutionally-given right. It is not taken away when I vote. I was given the right to vote, and I have the right not to vote.

But if you really want to know more about me, by all means, ASK! Specifics are good. I am actually not this open in real life. Why? No one asks. I am nice in some areas, mean in others, and I will admit I am closed-minded in a few others.
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Dear Diary!

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