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Comment Re:Meh (Score 2, Insightful) 657

So instead of getting a consistent web experience you're basically deciding to play russian roulette with Flash content?


It just works.

Except when the fucking browser crashes.

What a ridiculous comment. All he's saying is you can disable it by default and browse the web as you would normally, with the option to play flash content if you want. All flash content is russian roulette, no matter what platform you use. What does it matter if it's on your phone or not? No matter what you're getting a consistent web experience.


Fat Fingered Sumo Wrestlers Given iPads 69

The Japan Sumo Association is handing out about 60 iPads to training stables to help the wrestlers communicate because their fingers are too fat to use a regular mobile phone. From the article: "The iPad was chosen because the sumo association believed the device was big enough to cater to wrestler's fat fingers, unlike the smaller keys on mobile phones, according to reports."

Comment Re:Two points I don't need to make (Score 0) 1268

mathematic doesn't exist. mathematics is the noun, not the plural of some other noun. "math." is an abbreviation of mathematics. when spoken, it's said "math" since you don't say "math period", and over the years the writing of "math." changed to "math" for reasons unknown. "maths" is just plain wrong.

Comment Re:It changes nothing (Score 0) 711

Give me a fucking break. If the US weren't killing thousands of people in the name of a wild goose chase for something that happened almost a decade ago, no soldier would be getting hurt. Get the troops out and end these pointless wars and there wouldn't be these disgusting documents to leak to begin with. The US has no business being there. If these documents are that harmful it's even more of a reason to get out now, though I doubt the documents pose much of a threat, even with names and locations since most of the information is months to years old.

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