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Comment Re:Publication bias (Score 1) 1105

That Gizmodo article is the worst thing I've ever read a Gawker site, and that's saying something.

67% of studies were retracted because of misconduct! And 43% is because of fraud! We can't even believe scientists anymore! The study of science papers found that those retractions for fraud have increased 10-fold since 1975. We're cheating a hell of a lot more. So yeah, even if something is backed by SCIENCE, it doesn't always mean it's real.

But no mention of how many studies were retracted, the percentage of retracted vs. non-retracted studies, what journals the studies in question appeared in, or that the studies in question were retracted reflects the strength of peer review. "We can't even believe scientists anymore!" Really? Fuck Gawker, and fuck you for linking that.

Comment Re:Here we go again (Score 1) 461

Except that licensing wouldn't have prevented Newtown either, for the same reason that a background check wouldn't have worked (i.e. the person who used the guns to commit crime was not the person who owned them). That's not to say that background checks aren't a good idea, just that they aren't going to stop Newtown like scenarios unless you also check everyone in the applicant's family and friends. The only proposal I've heard post-Newtown that tries to address that particular issue is the one about making gun owners liable if their guns are stolen and used in crimes and/or mandating insurance against this possibility. But in practice that just seems like an attempt to get a gun ban in through the back door, by making the cost of ownership prohibitive.

Comment Re:At least Fox tries to pretend its unbiased (Score 1, Funny) 277

You and I came to the same conclusion "Fox tries to pretend its (sic) unbiased", but we clearly have radically different opinions whether that's a good thing. If a TV channel is going to be producing a heavily biased package, I'd prefer that it acknowledges that the content is opinion. Airing talking points as news devalues the work of actual news organizations by casting doubt over all of journalism.

Comment Starwars 1313 (Score 1) 280

As promising as the one sentence description in the summary sounds, keep in mind that its being directed by Dominic Robilliard, the man behind The Force Unleashed 2. TFU2, you might remember, was a mediocre action game with a story that was ridiculous even by the standards of the Star Wars franchise, which already has more than its fair share of bad writing. It was rightly critically panned, and as far as I know sales weren't that hot either.

If the guy behind a game that Joystiq called "glorified fan fiction" about a character named "Starkiller" is capable of producing a "grounded and gritty fiction", I'll be quite surprised.

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