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Comment Re:Old Timers Ressurected? (Score 1) 91

You weren't very good at SC2 then. I am out of practice now, but back then I could beat almost any ship with any other ship, including taking out a Chmmr Avatar with a Pkunk Fury.

While this is true on average, there has been some relatively interesting results lately. The Star Control 2 port named Urquan Masters added internet multiplayer for melee a while back. The result is their forums are full of some interesting ship rankings on which is best. There have even been some pretty good results of redoing the cost of each ship based on how powerful they actually are. Results are pretty surprising.

Just one example of many. This particular one is geared toward veteran arena players, however.

Comment Old Timers Ressurected? (Score 5, Interesting) 91

It seems like all the old designers of all the cool games from my youth are suddenly coming out with Kickstarters and/or new products. For old time Sierra it was Al Lowe, then Jane Jensen of Gariel Knight fame, and just recently the Two Men from Andromeda are back(Space Quest). Brian Fargo of Interplay fame is back with Wasteland 2, and Shadowrun is back with its original creator. Its an exciting development, but my hunch is its short lived.

Liesure Suit Larry was never a big favorite of mine, mostly because I was too young to get any of the jokes. I still donated though just to show support for the old Sierra crew. Next we need to get Toys For Bob to work on Star Control 4.


Submission + - Make Leisure Suit Larry come again ( 2

eugene2k writes: It seems more and more famous developers are jumping on the Kickstarter bandwagon. First there were Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert with their Double Fine Adventure project, then Brian Fargo decided to create a Wasteland sequel, and now Al Lowe and team decided to remake Leisure Suit Larry. They even promise to port the game to platforms such as iOS and Linux if they exeed their goal of $500000.

Comment Re:3d Realms Forums (Score 5, Informative) 356

3d Realms is taking it badly -- they forcibly closed all forums related to Duke Nukem, even the older ones. It looks like Take 2 stole their IP.

You should probably actually visit their forum before posting misinformation. What has actually happened is that the main forum moderator, Joe Siegler, has been hired by Gearbox to handle their Duke Nukem community. As such they have moved Duke Nukem related forums over to the new Gearbox forum.

See his posts here and here for confirmation.

Whether they now own the Duke Nukem IP is unknown as no announcements have been made one way or the other.

Comment Re:Apple updates a driver!! (Score 2, Informative) 52

This is news because it points out that an expensive supposed "top of the line" laptop, and a very famous one, has downgraded their hardware performance. This is more of a confirmation that they did infact release it with Sata 1 when the system itself is capable of Sata 2. It's not just a "patch" its a part of a developing story about the new macbooks.

Also news gets posted about MS patches quite frequently, so I'd say this is about the norm.

Comment Re:It can't be about the money (Score 4, Insightful) 180

It's not about money. Take 2 did agree(albeit verbally) to give 3DR $5 million. However they later decided not to, and instead to pay 3DR $30 million if they sold the IP to Take 2. They declined, and thus closed.

I think this is another attempt to get Duke Nukem. They sue them for money which they don't have, and instead demand that they be given the rights to Duke Nukem.

Comment Re:Of course (Score 1) 116

If they want to advertise to people who would be interested in gaming, why not just pay the game company to has advertisements inside the game itself? It's happened before. Advertisements for pro-gaming isn't going to save it.

Pro gaming needs a single game. It needs a game specifically designed for competition with a time-proven system. The only thing that I can think of that comes close is counter-strike, but even that is kinda iffy.

Comment Re:Control Scheme (Score 1) 114

Yes I have. Its nothing like the original SH games. They pull scares that the originals tended to avoid, such as the generic jump out at you scary. That type that RE uses heavily is very heavily used in SH 5. Control scheme is about usual, and by that I mean bad as always. Story isn't that interesting compared to the old ones. In short it shows that the original SH creator didn't work on this one.

Comment Re:Control Scheme (Score 1) 114

That said, I think this way of gaming has hit an impasse. Everyone complains about controls but most don't realize that they are intentionally bad. That is one of the ways they introduce challenge. Same as back in one of the first of these types of games, Alone in the Dark. Controls always suck in these games.

However I think that in this day and age, intentionally crippling the player control wise to make it difficult is a pretty lame way to design a game. I loved RE 1 and 2 because it was a zombie game and there were so few so I was willing to look past the horrible controls to play it. Now however I have many more options, whether it be Left 4 Dead or plenty of other games. Most of which don't have control issues.

I did play the demo, but the atmosphere really doesn't hook me. Its mostly day time, and its not really scary. Controls are horrible, and although its zombies its just not interesting to me. I'll be skipping this RE game.

Comment Re:My Predictions (Score 1) 123

Actually DVD's did improve something about gaming, but it wasn't the games so much. The best thing that DVD's brought to the table was having only 1 dvd instead of 2-3 CD's. The games themselves didn't really improve much, and at the moment there are very few PC games(if any) that come on multiple DVD's. Not that it matters, I don't buy games on DVD anymore, I just d/l them off steam. No disc, no problem.

Comment Re:No hulu for boxee means... (Score 1) 375

As a boxee user, and as a hulu user, I can agree with this. It really pisses me off to find out that they demanded that it be removed. If they were circumventing Ads that would be one thing, but they still see all the ads, its just slightly prettier. However Hulu is a great service and I'll still watch them even if their content providers are being retarded. You'd think with this current economic situation they'd be glad to get revenue from any stream.


How To Encourage Workers To Suggest Innovation? 281

An anonymous reader writes "The software company where I work has an Innovation and Knowledge program that encourages workers to provide ideas for new products and suggestions to improve the work place, productivity or welfare. The ideas and suggestions are evaluated by a board that decides whether they should be implemented or not. The group of workers with more ideas participates in a raffle to receive a prize. I would like to know what other programs people have seen like this and how they differ. What is the best way to encourage workers to suggest new products to be made / researched by the company?"

Comment Re:Espionage (Score 1) 320

Actually I don't think it's because we like war so much. Although considering the culture that is a very possible reason. I think it's more that most people don't listen to any warnings unless it borders fear-mongering. So both media and the government use this as a way to get viewers/money. All they have to do is call the next minor problem a "war" or a danger to our "freedom" and they can get almost anything they ask for.

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