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Comment Re:Rights? (Score 1) 229

The broadcaster is in the very least entitled to share in this profit. In other words, I wonder if Aereo would be able to charge for the service if there was no content. Stupid question, right? But, the fact that the content is present means that by selling a redistribution service, they are in fact profiting from the content. You can argue all you like that the business model established by the broadcast industry is antiquated and that they should just go away. Perhaps they will be dismantling their transmission facilities before too long. In the meantime, they are entitled to restrict the redistribution of the content they provide.

Doctor Invents 'Zero Gravity' Radiation Suit 83

DrFrasierCrane writes "You think you feel weighed down when your dentist lays that lead apron on you to take X-rays: how about the doctors who deal with radiation treatments and have to wear those aprons all day long? A Dallas, Texas, doctor has created a 'zero gravity' radiation suit for just that problem. From the article: 'Physicians are supposed to wear a lead apron during those procedures. It is back-breakingly heavy and doesn't cover the body completely. The zero gravity suit eliminates the weight and the exposed openings.'"

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