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Comment Locksmith told me Kwikset is unpickable (Score 2) 87

Not all Kwikset but apparently the new ones that you can re-key yourself. He said the tool that's supposed to let locksmiths pick them won't even work. Locked myself out one day and discovered that my only option was basically going to be to drill through it.

Made me both happy and sad at the same time....

Comment Re:Suzie can vote. Suzie can get a pitchfork. (Score 1) 954

I realize that. I didn't mean more expensive as in "they keep adding more stuff". I meant more expensive as in, our money is constantly worth less due to inflation therefore the cost of a living wage continually goes up.

That's why the minimum wage has to keep increasing.

Comment Re: Burn those algebras ladies (Score 2) 908

I would tend to agree with you here. While I do completely agree with removing those courses as hard requirements for all of the described reasons - particularly calculus...maybe not algebra 2 and trig...replacing one kind of complex math course with another semi-hard to graph math course that many people won't use isn't going to help much.

IMO - right idea, wrong solution. Replace that course with an intense personal finance class...that seems more like applied math that should be required.

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