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Comment Re:Suzie can vote. Suzie can get a pitchfork. (Score 1) 954

I realize that. I didn't mean more expensive as in "they keep adding more stuff". I meant more expensive as in, our money is constantly worth less due to inflation therefore the cost of a living wage continually goes up.

That's why the minimum wage has to keep increasing.

Comment Re: Burn those algebras ladies (Score 2) 908

I would tend to agree with you here. While I do completely agree with removing those courses as hard requirements for all of the described reasons - particularly calculus...maybe not algebra 2 and trig...replacing one kind of complex math course with another semi-hard to graph math course that many people won't use isn't going to help much.

IMO - right idea, wrong solution. Replace that course with an intense personal finance class...that seems more like applied math that should be required.

Comment This needs to be a well done movie (Score 1) 234

The attempts to put Dune on screen have been largely terrible, but this is one of those books where the "big budget blockbuster" would be totally justified. Either that or potentially an HBO series in the vein of Game of Thrones. Given the amount of story to tell that might be the best chance to really do it justice.

Somehow, it really needs to happen.

Comment I can actually say this on behalf of Charter (Score 4, Interesting) 70

About 10 years ago their service was not very good where I am. About 5 years ago that started to change. 2 years ago they called me up and just said, hey, just FYI I know you bought your own modem but we're sending you a new one for free. We just increased everybody to 60mb service (also no extra charge) and the modem you have won't work at those speeds.

Charter + Cable Card + Tivo Roamio has turned into just about the best tv/internet experience I've had. I never thought I'd say that about a cable company, but at least in the Greenville, SC area Charter does a great job.

Comment Starter home? (Score 1) 940

It seems like if everything was going higher and higher then at some point that would open a gap in the home market for low end "starter homes". The biggest issue I've tended to see is people overbuying on first homes, trying to get their dream home right out of the gate if they can justify the 30 year mortgage payment in their cash flow.

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