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Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - devnull Nethack Tournament Turns Ten

MilenCent writes: "The devnull Nethack tournament turns ten years old in two days! Register to play on November 1. In addition to being an excellent excuse to play NetHack, the tournament servers also provide "challenges," minor additions to the game that players can accept for a special trophy or refuse to just play the basic game. Returning challenges from prior years are the Kingdom of Loathing challenge (requiring that players visit KoL and play their Nethack-themed subdungeon), the Grue challenge (containing many Zork references), and the Pac-Man challenge (with a special maze-like dungeon level). Every year a new challenge is added, but players aren't told what it is! They must figure it out in game.
Every year, a player called marvin tends to win the "Best of 13" trophy by winning 13 games in a row (yes, IN A ROW), but last year some other players were finally beginning to give him a run for his money. Who will take the prize this year?"

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