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Comment Stop Traffic Jams (Score 5, Insightful) 243

I have a way to help stop traffic jams without fancy algorithms: stop tailgating the person in front of you. That way every time that person slows down slightly you don't have to slam on your brakes, thus requiring people behind you to slam on theirs causing a buildup of cars that aren't going anywhere even if traffic isn't that heavy.
The Almighty Buck

Piracy Economics 347

Reader Anonymous Coward the younger sends in a link to an article up at on the market functions of piracy. The argument is that turning a blind eye to piracy can be a cheap way for a company to give away samples — one of the most time-proven tactics in marketing. The article also suggests that pirates creating knock-offs might just be offering companies market feedback that they ought to attend to. (Microsoft, are you listening?)

Submission + - Mobile phone call made from Everest

Chris Paton writes: "The BBC reports that a British climber has set a world record by making a mobile phone call from the top of Mount Everest. The climber also claimed the record for sending the highest text message. The article goes on to say that the call and SMS were made possible by a base station set up by the Chinese, talking to a regular Motorola handset (albeit with the batteries strapped to the climber to keep them warm). With mobile phone coverage now available on Everest, is there anywhere that we are free from the seemingly unstoppable march of the mobile telephone?"

Submission + - Star Wars cast: where are they now?

solitas writes: A Breitbart news story interviews certain StarWars alumni about what the trilogy has done for them.

They were part of one of the biggest movies in history but almost without exception the cast of "Star Wars" faded from view after lighting up cinemas during the 1970-80s.

While George Lucas' intergalactic fairytale proved to be a launch pad for the career of Harrison Ford, other prominent members of the blockbuster franchise have not come close to enjoying Ford's iconic status.

..."Without naming names, you meet some stars and afterwards you go 'Gee, I wish I hadn't met him,'"... Oh yeah? Do: tell.

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