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Comment Make a support contract (Score 2) 290

Ideally administrators should aim to automate everything with scripts and then document the use of the scripts. That way, if you're hit by a bus the whole system is already in a good shape for others to continue. Personally I think it's part of the administrators responsibility to keep the system in such a good shape. Management should also understand the importance of this and allocate enough time to keep systems in good shape. Doing things like that as an afterthought takes a really long time and makes knowledge transfers really painful.

If your management has allocated only one day for the knowledge transfer, they're taking a huge risk. There's no way you can teach everything about a system in a day. What you can do, is tell your current management realistically about the situation and the risks. After you've gone through the system with the replacement talk to the management about how the knowledge transfer went and make a signed contract about how much support you are willing to give afterwards and how much it will cost them.

With a contract it's up to the management to decide on how much their system is worth to them and you'll get compensation on doing extra work. Who knows, maybe the management will realise that spending a week on the knowledge transfer upfront might be cheaper than paying you afterwards.

Comment Re:10K broken (Score 2, Informative) 547

Here are graphs showing the increase:

It's nice to see that kind of a reaction in Finland, usually things are way too gray here.

The comments different sides of the debate have been hilarious. The regular church members are blaming the extremists, "You're alienating our members with your extreme views". The extremists are saying "what? we did nothing wrong, that's what is said in the bible, it's not our fault people are leaving". The ultra-extremists are blaming the extremists for not taking a strong enough stance. Public figures and celebrities are taking pot shots at the church and announcing their discontent. Magazines are publishing news about the record resignations.

Comment Re:Micromanagement (Score 1) 1019

+1 on distrust and micromanagement, I would say your boss pushing in wrong direction. If you work on a noisy environment, you could try to prove to your boss that listening to music is actually what shields you from the other sounds & distractions. a) try to loan a sound level meter from somewhere, preferably a-weighted. There's probably statistics on what level of background noise distracts and chances are your environment produces enough. b) invite your boss to your cubicle farm to work there for a while. It'll give him the concrete chance to follow on how concentrated you really are on your job and also a possibility to see first hand how distracting your environment is. Also, based on the possible distrust feelings your boss has, you could try to make your work more visible to him. Once he gets better grasp on your reality, he probably starts feeling more trusting. Agile process methods like Scrum increase the visibility on how the work is progressing. Scrum also gives more freedom to the team which gets to decide on how it works. In a Scrum process team should also be shielded from external forces, like your boss, so that they can't distract the team. More visibility & freedom -> everyone's happier.

Comment Re:yay! (Score 1) 214

I think the original metric is based on the sign of the WTFs. Positive WTFs are rare and usually the metric goes below zero, sometimes way below ;-)

Kidding aside, I'm just reading the book (chapter 2 - Meaningful Names) and from what I've read so far, the book seems really good and useful. In the beginning the author states that some of the guidelines might not work for everyone but at least the author gives a lot of food for thought.

Data Storage

Submission + - Seagate to be sold to Chinese tech company

An anonymous reader writes: Chief executive William D. Watkins of Seagate Technology disclosed that an unnamed Chinese technology company is interested in buying Seagate. The offer causes concern among government officials because, even though disk drives are not export-controlled technology, there is fear that hard disks and drivers may be modified to include backdoors. This is of particular importance as Seagate manufactures harddisks with builtin encryption.

Submission + - Major Java EE 5 enhancements mean faster Apps

An anonymous reader writes: Java EE 5 is a strong, significant release, making it the most complete platform for enterprise development. This article provides an overview of the new Java EE 5 specification, and its many significant enhancements. Clearly, major steps have been taken to addresses most of the criticisms surrounding past Java development. EJB 3.0 and JPA are powerful and easy to use technologies, and the improvements in JAX-WS make Web service development easier than ever before.

Submission + - The Java 6.0 Compiler API

Shunmuga Raja writes: "One of the cool features available in Java 6.0 (Mustang) is the 'Java Compiler API'. This API is a result of the JSR (Java Specification Request) 199 which proposes that there must be a standard way to compile java source files. The result of the JSR is the new 'Java Compiler API' and one can use this new feature to compile java source files from within java files. Previously developers were depending on the low-level issues like starting a process representing the javac.exe. Though this feature is not intended to every one, Editors or IDE (Integrated Development Environment) can make much use of this new feature for compiling Java source files in a better manner.Read More"

Submission + - Man Crushes Testicle With Wii Controller

Bony Tlair writes: "A Leeds accident and emergency unit reported that a man was admitted to hospital in the early hours of april the 1st with severe injuries to his testical after playing with his Nintendo Wii console in the nude. Doctors reported that he had apparently jerked his Wii so hard he accidently crushed a testicle by jamming the controller against a loose testical. Doctors advised him not play with his Wii again until the swelling went down. crushes-testical-with-wii-controller.html"

Submission + - Lotus Notes on an open-source Java-based platform

An anonymous reader writes: The big news in Lotus Notes V8 is that the Notes V8 client encapsulates all the code that is Lotus Notes within the Eclipse environment. Originally created as an integrated application development environment, its open, plug-in-based architecture has made Eclipse itself the foundation for rich client platform development. Lotus Notes V8 is built on Lotus Expeditor, IBM's universal managed-client software, which, in turn, is built on Eclipse.

Submission + - Major Record Labels Withdraw from RIAA

s3pHiRoTh writes: "Music industry executives announced this morning that they were withdrawing support for the trade group the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and launching a new representative body called Respect the Artist, Respect the Audience (RARA)."

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