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Comment Re:C64 BBS Scene (Score 1) 181

I spent I don't know how many hours navigating then running the C-64 BBSs in the mid to late 80s. God those were good time! haha

One person in particular sticks out in my mind, mainly because of his distinct voice, the BBS with 8 high capacity 1MB floppy drives (yes 1 whole megabyte), and running afoul of some other pirates and having (allegedly) all kinds of stuff shipped / ordered to his house and service and god knows what else... Pira-Ted!

Comment Re:WTFGA (Score 4, Informative) 311

great. just waiting for laptops to follow this format as they inevitably will. then we'll be able to read up to 3 lines of text at a time!

Toshiba's had one for a few weeks (at least)


1792x768 (HD+), 21:9 aspect ratio, Supports 720p content

Comment Every Monday Night (Score 1) 182

Migration requests to Production (signed off by the person who requested the change/bugfix/new dev/whatever) are supposed to be to QA (who does the migrations) by the prior Thursday but that can be modified as necessary :) This is for any of the dozens of systems we develop for - the several-hundred-page in-house ERP system written in .NET, the legacy Oracle Forms system being upgraded to .NET, or the myriad one-off special purpose web sites.

If it's an *emergency* it can be slipped into Production during the week as needed, but as the process has become more refined over the last year, they try and not do that unless absolutely necessary

Comment Why All the Hysteria About Drones? (Score 2) 234

How are unmanned flying vehicles any different than manned helicopters and airplanes used by various agencies during the course of duty? Manned aircraft are used daily for any number of law enforcement (surveillance, speed traps, border protection, etc), fire protection, crop dusting, and even news and traffic gathering?

Why is not having a pilot in the actual aircraft a reason to pull out the tinfoil and white noise makers?

"But they can arm them" isn't a valid excuse because there's no reason they can't arm a piloted aircraft.

Comment Re:This is what I like about Microsoft (Score 2) 118

it just means royalties and licenses go to ms instead of others. this contributed to microsoft, not the world. your citation is invalid, try again. :)

.NET, C#, VB.NET, and F# are all free... Download the .NET framework, fire up a text editor, and use the command-line compiler.
Visual Studio Express versions are free... Wrap a GUI around your development.
Parts of ASP.NET are even open source now... And they're accepting contributions from the public.

What exactly hasn't been contributed?

Comment Re:This is what I like about Microsoft (Score 5, Informative) 118

From the Wiki (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Research#Laboratories), all of the following have come from MS Research

Comic Chat (IRC Client)
Sideshow (Became Desktop Gadgets)
Surface (TouchLight)
Group Shot
Allegiance (Game)

I'd say C#, F#, and ClearType are pretty big contributions

Comment Re:Even a broken clock (Score 1) 1051

The problem is we as a culture already treat universal healthcare as a universal right. If you walk into almost any hospital in the country without insurance or money with a critical health problem, you will be treated.

Hell, you don't need a critical health problem to be treated. The ER at a lot of public hospitals has become the general practitioner for many people. Got a cold? Go to the ER. Stub your toe? Go to the ER... Better yet, call 911 and get a free ride.

Comment Re:Methane is bad stuff (Score 1) 264

Assuming the environment can "balance itself out", could "global warming" be the environment's way to increase the temperate zones on the planet in order to allow for more foliage to grow? Could the reported excess CO2 be the environment's response to feed the plant life in these new growing areas? Maybe the environment was cold and created homo sapiens to warm things up?

Maybe god created us because he wanted plastic?


Comment Re:Am I the only one in the world that likes Ribbo (Score 1) 642

So add them to the "Quick Access Toolbar" up at the top of the window and you're golden. Don't like the toolbar there? Click on the drop-down and have it displayed below the ribbon. Don't like the ribbon taking up space? Click that same drop-down and minimize the ribbon.

Want to copy them from computer to computer? You can do that too!

Copying Office Quick Access Toolbars

When I first saw the ribbon in Office 2007 I was apprehensive but I've come to really like it.

The Military

Submission + - SPAM: Military medicine bringing advances in PTSD and genetic disorders

pollardkevin15 writes: "Everyone loves military technology. The media loves to cover the latest military gadget or expensive toy. There have been entire shows dedicated to the past, present and future of military weaponry, and, of course, these things are important. This technology allows American soldiers and their allies to be more effective on and off the battlefield; plus, it helps keep soldiers safe on and off the battlefield. Yet there is more to military technology than the latest gun or plane. Just as important, though less covered, are the important medical advances to help veterans."
Link to Original Source

Comment Re:Get off my lawn! (Score 1) 387

Long Live the Punter Protocol! Transferring 170K in 30 minutes!

After getting my first modem for my C-64 (that used the audio out of the C-64, connected to the audio in of the modem, to generate touch tones), I remember having to go to a couple of computer stores (remember them?) to get something called "Punter" lol. It seems so long ago :( You damn kids with your smart phones and multi-megabit connections, get off my lawn!

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