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Comment Re:ELi5: CyanogenMod (Score 4, Informative) 65

-.- CyanogenMod is a fantastic alternative to people who want a stock android experience on devices that come themed out of the box (See: HTC Sense) or if you want to have more control over your device. CyanogenMod inherently allows for root access (though is not necessary for root) which allows for extra finctionality in some cases. Cyanognemod also allows users to toy with device parameter, as in being able to overclock the device CPU, change the processor governer (either for better responsiveness or better battery life) or to just change some things. (My favorite being making the "Genius button" on my HTC Glacier behave like a normal Search Button) It's also nice if your device is stuck on an older version (like 2.1 or 2.2) that is no longer supported by many apps

Comment Unity and GNOME (Score 1) 229

Unity and GNOME aren't the only user environments you can run, on any linux distro. If you're using Linux on an older machine specifically because that machine is old, then you should probably be using a distro designed for that, like DSL or tiny linux (for really low power computers) that don't use intensive UI's

Comment Re:Messed up (Score 1) 259

Once the Criminals in government begin taking into account that "There's no where to hide from [Insert Country] law, irregardless of how wrong it is", their bid for global domination will commence. You can never have enough power. Once the Criminals who break the law begin taking into account that "There's no where to hide from [Insert Country] law, irregardless of how wrong it is", they will adjust their tactics.

so... Regarding of how wrong it is? (not usually a grammar nazy, but irregardless bugs the shit out of me)

Comment Re:Interesting, very interesting +1 (Score 2, Interesting) 396

The hardware itself does seem almost too good to be true... It seems like an aazing device, Though, I'd be much more inclined to purchase if there were an Android offering... Simply because of the lack of pre-existing apps/community support for windows 8, Especially on mobile devices. This will likely improve with time, but, at least for now, i think the software is killing an amazing device

Comment Re:You don't know what you are smoking... (Score 0) 626

There's a small flaw in your thinking... Unlike meth/coke/pcp et cetera, There's no real money in cutting your Marijuana with other materials for distribution. Not to mention the fact that Marijuana is in and of itself tamper-evident. As a dealer, if you try to cut your pot with something else... say, oregano, It's going to be pretty evident as soon as your customer looks at the product, and you just lost a customer. More customers=More money, Therefore, most of the marijuana trade is actually trying to offer Better, cleaner product then your competitor. At least it is here, anyway. So yes, you might not know that there's nothing else in there, but, really, why would there be?

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