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Comment Re: $300 or $400 for map update (Score 5, Informative) 310

I get tired of Chrysler wanting $150 every couple of years to update the maps in my Jeep. I spent slightly less than that on a 4" Garmin with lifetime updates. And of course when I bought it the dealer assures me that free updates are included. BS, what a ripoff.

Comment Lenovo Y50 (Score 1) 237

As others mentioned the question is terribly vague.

I'm running Linux Mint 17.2 on a Lenovo Y50, 16GB RAM, 1TB HD, NVidia 860M w/2GB. The latest Optimus support is very nice for switching between the Nvidia and native Intel graphics. Though targeted as a gaming laptop I'm using it for computer vision development with OpenCV.

Comment GPUGPU much? (Score 1) 385

Start with the software which may specify the OS. Will she be doing any calculations on the notebook or is this just a note taker, Powerpoint prep system?

I work with robotics and computer vision and needed a notebook with a discrete GPU with CUDA support, OpenCV, Caffe. I ended up with what a notebook that is sold as a gaming notebook. I have a Lenovo Y50 and other than Lenovo's recent crapware faux pas have been very pleased with it but there are many good options in this class. A 1TB HD lets me dual boot Windows and Linux and have lots of room for storing datasets and volumes of training images.

If it's just for general computing then many options, many good options.

And as QuietLagoon said, look at what her colleagues are using.

Comment Re:Funny thing... (Score 2) 229

If you want to insult them, suggest that their mother must be very disappointed with them and hold the phone a bit farther away.

I've used that. "Does your mother know you are a liar and a thief?"

No profanity yet, just instant hang up. Although once I did get ignored so I said in a muted voice, "Jeff is that phone trace complete yet?" That did the trick.

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