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Comment Re:I think I found the problem (Score 1) 120

You'll recall that the phone in question was an older model with far less security than the phones they sell today. The particular tool being requested was essentially a new version of the firmware that would ignore the failed unlock attempt counter, installed via a maintenance path. It is said they are working to remove that, too.

Comment Re:"Unauthorized" repair (Score 1) 364

Ok, I have a counter-anecdote. I had one of those cheese-grater, dual-cpu, water-cooled Power Mac G5's. Loved it, very fast. One day I turned it on and got nothing, deader than a doornail. Took to the Apple Store. They looked at it for a bit and came back and told me it was unrepairable and would I accept a new Mac Pro for free instead? So, yes, I got a new, $2,000 computer when my 5-year-old G5 died because of a water leak. So. Check, your turn.

Comment Re: Finally (Score 1) 404

While I generally agree with you, I don't think you appreciate the level of training, drilling, and oversight that nuclear sailors experience. Basic training is two years of intense stuff including calculus, physics, chemistry, metallurgy, and just plain operating the plant. And THEN you go on to a really ship and go through a whole bunch more training. On top of that, the nuclear Navy is generally made up of the top 2% of all sailors.

I can't imagine a civilian ship company being able to stand up a crew that is capable of running a reactor safely. It is the training, intelligence, dedication and oversight that makes those reactors same.

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