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Comment Re:VM's (Score 1) 333

Of course it doesn't. A license can only be used once unless you're on a very expensive corporate free-for-all scheme. Obviously I'm assuming you're not running pirated version.

As a developer, why are you creating new VMs? Do you not know you can save a clean VM, and duplicate it / trash it with no effort. You must be horribly inefficient.

Because experience has taught me to replicate what users do. Users reinstall from scratch, and don't restore a previously saved VM. You must be horribly inexperienced.

Comment VM's (Score 4, Interesting) 333

About once a month I install Windows 7 on a VM to test out my application on that OS. I wonder if such activity taints the analysis. My application has "online help" which uses a web browser to deliver help when the user presses "F1" - stats from visitors to that webserver that shows unique Windows 7 declined from 31% in Oct 2015 to 10% in Oct 2016, compared to unique Windows 10 users growing from 38% to 53% in the same period.

Submission + - Microsoft abandons Azure RemoteApp, yields to Citrix

Mike Sheen writes: An email sent to Azure RemoteApp subscribers today alerts customers to the discontinuation of the RemoteApp service.
Azure RemoteApp is an offering on the Microsoft Azure platform to deliver Windows applications using a thin client. Any Windows application installed on an Azure VM image could be delivered for a monthly fee to Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms. The number of VM's provisioned was automatically managed on-demand.
Today, Microsoft announced that it had decided to "wind down" the Azure RemoteApp offering and touted an alternative product by Citrix — XenApp "Express" which is still in development. An email to existing subscribers stated the following:
"New trials and purchases of Azure RemoteApp are no longer available as of now. Existing paid customers actively using Azure RemoteApp can use the service one year past our announcement date, so that they can migrate with minimal business disruption".
No pricing, or expected availablity of the Citrix XenApp "Express" were provided. Seems like adopters of RemoteApp are now in for a period of uncertainty.

Comment Re:Are you exposing customers? (Score 1) 159

Since these are reported, but not necessarily fixed bugs, if someone is interesting in attacking one of your customers, you are giving them a gold mine of potential attack information. I believe in responsible disclosure, but it is one thing to tell your customers. Something else to tell the world, especially before it is fixed.

That is a valid point.

We're quite diligent in making sure nothing which would compromise security of existing customers is visible - I am well aware of the risk, and to use the Australian vernacular - shitscared - of exposing such information.

We do, however, have a few bugs crop up every now and then that support staff annotate the bug with a customer name that flagged the issue, so when they come to test the fix they have a way of notifying them how far it is along the resolution is for them. That is not really directly putting customers at risk - but it's unprofessional and I really hate that. It's like they use Bugzilla as some sort of bastardised CRM - even though we have a pretty capable CRM already.

Comment Re:Why are you here? (Score 1) 159

If they don't like you putting that out there due to branding issue then I'm sure they're going to love you for posting all about the problems with JIWA Financials on Slashdot of all places. What were are you thinking?

I'm here to see if my stance is reasonable or not. Validation, I guess - but also some opposing viewpoints to mine with more substance than what I was getting from our Sales team. They were not articulate or convincing enough for me to be enrolled with their views - so here I am.

I'm not overly concerned about people seeing our issues. I'm rather proud of the fact that we currently are transparent about it and anyone viewing it can see we are active and professional in our conduct.

You mentioned the company I work for - I have no reason to hide that, but chose not to mention it as I didn't want to seem like this was an advertising pitch. I'm not sure what your motivation was for bringing it up, but thanks for the exposure :)

What was I thinking? I was thinking I could engage a community of like minded professionals, with varying degrees of experience to offer their opinion so I could feel more comfortable about making a decision. I don't like making uninformed decisions.

Why are you here?

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