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Comment Introducing the Monotron!! (Score 0, Flamebait) 511

I was going to post a satire of the Quattron commercial, but /. prevented me with "Filter error: Please use fewer 'junk' characters."

The characters I used were all standard ASCII, WTF?!

I'm a logged in user, with good Karma, have a few achievements according to what they tell me in my account, and they say "As our way of thanking you for your positive contributions to Slashdot, you are eligible to disable advertising.", though I never have.

But now I am being pre-censored, on SlashDot??!!!

I can handle being modded down. I can take losing Karma. I can handle the flame baiters.

But being pre-censored... Tell me it ain't true!

But it is true, so this forum has outlived its usefulness to me.

I know you will all miss me ; }

I never created a sig, but my last post will have this as my sig...

My first, and only, 'First Post', was modded redundant
Its true!

Comment Re:And Only? (Score -1, Troll) 319

My comment is moderated redundant?

Maybe it is just me showing my age.
Back in the day, in order to be redundant, you needed to repeat, or re-iterate, in some way, something that some other person had already said.
Since no previous comment had been made on this topic, I am at a total loss trying to understand how my comment can be 'redundant'.

Sigh... I will never get used to modern times where you can be redundant before you speak.

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