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Comment Bug Reduction (Score 1) 294

I have my router in my basement. I've covered the LEDs with black electrical tape because otherwise, after a few months, I have spiders and all sorts of other little bugs hanging around and trying to get into my router. I'm not sure if the bugs caused any real performance issues, but it's nice to not have to clean the thing for every hard reset.

Comment Re:Quiet? (Score 1) 558

I recently built a system for my mother-in-law. It's as close to near-silent as I've ever built. It's more than she needs to browse the web and watch videos.
  • MB: GIGABYTE GA-AM1M-S2H AM1 2 x SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard
  • CPU: AMD Athlon 5350 Kabini Quad-Core 2.05GHz Socket AM1 25W AD5350JAHMBOX Desktop Processor AMD Radeon HD 8400
  • MEM: CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Memory Kit Model CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9R
  • PSU: Antec NeoPower 430
  • drive: Corsair Nova 2 SSD
  • Running: 14.04.1-Ubuntu

The thing uses such little power I actually had trouble with it rebooting. Initially I thought I had a buggy MB. The best I could tell; there wasn't enough current being drawn to stabilize the voltage. I swapped PSUs (with an identical Antec NeoPower 430 I had in my son's machine), re-organized the modular cables to be plugged next to each-other to possibly move both to the same rail, and the reboots stopped. What I really want is a quality power supply that is rated for something below 200W. From what I can tell from the UPS, the power draw is between 15W and 90W.

Comment Rescue on Fractalus (Score 1) 285

The first two games I ever played from LucasArts (Lucasfilm Games at the time) were Rescue on Fractalus and Koronis Rift. They were two amazingly well done pieces of work considering the hardware that it had to run on (Atari 800XL). I always had high expectations from LucasArts after playing the crap out of these two games for years.

Users Being Migrated To New Version of Hotmail 215

An anonymous reader writes "Microsoft has started work on migrating Hotmail users to a new version after testing the new system on select customers for almost two years. Microsoft stated in the article that more than 20 million users provided feedback to the new-look Hotmail. 'For now, Microsoft will give Hotmail users the option to continue using the old version if they don't want to switch to the upgraded version. However, at some point, everyone will be unilaterally migrated over to Windows Live Hotmail ... New users will be automatically signed up for Windows Live Hotmail but, like any user of the new service, they will get to choose from two user interfaces: a "classic" layout that closely resembles the old Hotmail; or the new interface, which was designed to look like Microsoft's Outlook e-mail and calendaring desktop application.'"

Submission + - Pornography being "scrubbed" using DNS

ScrubIT writes: "Hi Guys, Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know of a new service we are providing for free that we are pretty excited to launch. has made publicly available a FREE recursive DNS service that blocks pornography and malicious websites. It is an excellent service for families and employers who don't want to worry about what they will be confronted with on the internet. Additionally, in private BETA is the ability to customize your personal DNS and selectively block and allow sites that you choose. Now, I realize the porn industry is going to be none to happy about this one, but it's about time someone stood up and did something. Let us know what you think."

Submission + - New York bans use of the word "Nigger"

LordLucless writes: "The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that New York City is banning the use of the word "nigger". There is no penalty for using the word, but the city hopes that the moratorium will discourage its use nonetheless. Is this a futile PC gesture, or does it present the specter of more draconian measures in the future?"

Submission + - Bill Gates' Talks About 640k in 1989

ilovebillyg writes: "Apparently Bill Gates gave a talk back in 1989 to the University of Waterloo, and it has only recently been digitized. Among other things, Bill talks about how in 1981, he thought that 640k would be ok for at least 10 years. Is this the source of the oft quoted Gates quote on 640k? He also covers lots of other topics, including OS/2, software piracy, the history of the software industry, and his role at Microsoft."

Submission + - The Microsoft OOXML Contradictions Revealed

Andy Updegrove writes: "Someone was kind enough to send me the package of materials distributed by ISO/IEC JTC 1 earlier today to its members.The package contains each of the responses filed during the ISO Fast Track Contradictions period for Ecma 376, the specification based upon Microsoft's OOXML formats, as well as the responses prepared by Ecma to those responses. Earlier, Microsoft had downplayed reports by myself and others that the great majority of the responses were negative, suggesting that most or many were either neutral, or in fact "laudatory." In fact, the actual responses demonstrate that 14 of 20 responses — more than 2/3s — were clearly negative, two indicated divisions of opinion among the members of the national bodies submitting them, three were inconclusive or neutral, and one offered no objections.What happens next? The transmittal note from JTC1 indicates that after internal consultation, next steps will be communicated to the National Bodies "in the very near future." But given the degree of opposition and concern expressed by a significant percentage of those national bodies entitled to vote up or down on adoption, it's fair to say that Microsoft has its work cut out for it, if it wants to see OOXML achieve the same degree of international standards status as ODF. e.php?story=2007022819130536"

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