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Comment Re:you can't legislate intelligent decision making (Score -1) 439

the cable company can not be expected to service every 3rd party box... so expect installation prices to go up. a 3rd party box will always require a manual exchange of keys during installation, while a rented box will have had that done already internally.

consumers are not willing to figure out or deal with that step, the same as other consumers are not willing to unscrew and later replace an oil plug.

Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score -1, Flamebait) 196

i have used comcast in 10 different states... almost exclusively in my recent travels. presently i use charter communications in wisconsin. in santa monica and santa barbara in 2009, i was told comcast no longer gave out @comcast email addresses because most people use free services like hotmail or gmail. i still have the bills. i never gave them a real personal email address. the only info they had on me was billing/service address.

last i checked, there is only one "comcast internet"... ur mum's face is a dumb ass.

Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 0) 196

comcast didn't give me an email address the last time i used their service... and at the time i didn't have a phone...

the obvious method of contact is a letter to the service address, but they send out so many junk mailings, most customers would probably trash them without reading. HTTP injection can not be tolerated... if you can show me their method for creating the overlay, i can reverse engineer a page that would be broken because of it. comcast can not be allowed to potentially break pages.

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