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Comment Re:Vote trump to get that! (Score 1) 56

You can't elect any President that will bring Jobs back to the United States. You can't force Companies to do what you want or else they may all leave. What you can do is offer incentives to stay or come back; chances are they will go where labor is cheapest. If Americans want more Jobs, they need to start accepting lower wages.

Comment Doctor, Doctor (Score 1) 73

This is where a good doctor comes in. If you are vomiting and have abdominal pains and DO NOT go to the Doctor then you should have no expectations of survival once this fast-moving Cancer is revealed. A good Doc will run tests when presented with these symptoms and hopefully catch it early. A good Doc with EXP will know what's up when presented with your symptoms.

Do yourself a favor, stop searching on WebMD, Google and Bing. Visit your Doctor instead.

Comment Microsoft (Score 1) 288

With the demise of the desktop, with it Windows, and now this; Microsoft is pretty much finished. Their money would need to be made via making their Software (Office etc.) available on other OSes. They also have their Xbox but I think with Mobile Gaming, even that is going away.

So what Linux and Mac couldn't do, the Market did.

Comment Re:I've never had one. (Score 1) 105

That's overly complicated. Why would he want to use his phone to stream something to his TV? He can just get DirecTV or something and flip through the guide to watch or record something. If he isn't happy he can view something from DirecTV On Demand, record it and keep it for the life of the Reciever; heck he can even plug his receiver into his computer and "tape" it.

A Smart Phone really isn't all that smart, sorry. Really, you Z Generation Kids are missing out.

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