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Comment Re:I wonder... (Score 1) 200

Yeah I have no idea what this guy is talking about, I have DirecTV and even if I miss a show I can go back like 72 hours to record it. If I want to record a Series I just type a few words into the Search box and when I see it I hit Record on my Remote two times (many ways to do it) and it always records every Episode without my intervention. The problems he describes seem to be related to Streaming.

Comment Re:We won't be able to make ships with warp (Score 1) 157

Not on our current path of pushing out medicine before they even test it, leading to side effects that are more severe than the disease. Right now Pharmaceutical Company’s only seem to be interested in manufacturing medicine that will make the big bucks, like the Blue Pill, which really serves no purpose. Being able to achieve an erection is not more important than treating Heart Disease with little to no side effects.

Comment Re:Vote trump to get that! (Score 1) 56

You can't elect any President that will bring Jobs back to the United States. You can't force Companies to do what you want or else they may all leave. What you can do is offer incentives to stay or come back; chances are they will go where labor is cheapest. If Americans want more Jobs, they need to start accepting lower wages.

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