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Comment Re:Worthless Trademark (Score 2, Interesting) 273

Comment Re:Worthless Trademark (Score 2, Insightful) 273

I did a quick search for this Nutrilab Corp.

Take a look at the following sites, that all link to each other, and revolves about dr. Ann: [ip:] [ip:] [ip:] [ip:] [ip:] [ip:] [ip:]

Notice anything peculiar about the IP-number?

Comment !Exploit (Score 1) 234

Okay. So the PDF standard has the potential for launching external (or even embedded) files. In Adobe Reader this will create a warning dialog with the following text: "The file and its viewer application are set to be launched by this PDF file. The file may contain programs, macros, or viruses that could potentially harm your computer. Only open the file if you are sure it is safe. If this file was placed by a trusted person or program, you can click Open to view the file." That seems perfectly clear to me. There is really no reason to change this behavior. This is not an exploit.

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