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Comment Re:$.99 Textbooks? Doubtful but... (Score 1) 396

No digitizer? Hm - the entire tablet allows you to draw on it, as long as the application allows it. As for copy and paste - works great between applications that suport copy and paste. IE - it's not the tablet that's the issue, and it still works well for your scenario *IF* app developers would get offa' their butts and support a few more things in their apps. (However, I can't think of a single productivity app on my iPad that I can't cut and paste between apps, and I've got more than one app that allows me to scetch out something, save it, and paste it into another app.) And if you REALLY have to have it, you can pick up a cheap stylus for it. And you can always shoot pics of the chalkboard from the iPad and save it, too.

iBooks with the ability to add annotations both textual and arbitrary hand drawn graphics would be a bit help.

Not gonna say it's perfect solution - then again, carrying my old Toshiba Libretto wasn't exactly a perfect solution either :-)

Comment I'm a 35%-er (Score 2) 566

I'm one of the folks who's probably going to buy it sight unseen. I could care less about if someone else things I'm affluent because I have an iPhone 5, or if I'm "trendy" because of it, or anything else. And just because it's got an Apple logo in the middle of the back doesn't mean it's worth it's weight in gold either.

I'm still using a 3GS, and after two years it's starting to get a little beaten up - the screen isn't cracked or deeply scratched, but it's got a few pits here and there, etc. I was going to upgrade to a 4, but I decided to skip a generation since we're so close to the release of the 5. And, since once of the reasons I wanted the 4 was a improvement in the camera over the 3GS (which I use a lot), I figure the 5's camera will more likely than not be slightly better.

Which brings me to the question: how may of of the 35% mentioned are people who decided to skip a generation because there wasn't a compelling reason to upgrade to a 4, but about the time the 5 rolls around their 3G or 3GS is due for a replacement?

Comment Not necessarily (Score 1) 449

You might be thinking too 'inside the box' - for instance, PhoneGap handles pretty much every smartphone OS out there, plus Mac and PC. SO HTML 5 + CSS + JavaScript + (insert JS datahandling concept of choice) has become a VERY viable way of handling a write once then compile for platfom(s) of choice. It's not a solution for every problem, of course - I somehow doubt writing RageHD in HTML 5 is going to be a choice anytime soon. But for 75% of apps out there, it's a good, solid solution. And PhoneGap is by no means the only one out there providing such a solution.

Comment Agreed (Score 4, Interesting) 356

I'll agree with you - most of my development these days is web development and iPhone / iPad development, but I still dabble back into industrial automation from time to time. I like my Mac Mini, for instance - it's solid, it's managed to survive three major OS upgrades since 2006, and it's still solid after four years of constant use. I like the "it just works" philosophy - I can focus on software development, not hardware troubleshooting. Apple isn't perfect, but the OS and Hardware combination is pretty damned good. (I will say, though, that after four years I'm finally going to upgrade the little box. This one will sit on the shelf and be a media box.)

The 'cool factor' is problematic - you're dead on right about that. But I've not been one to care too much about what everyone else thinks is cool anway ;-)

Comment Trivial. :-) (Score 1) 1027

Conceptually, cracking this game is trivial. If it's using a DNS lookup to find the server, edit hosts. so it just loops back to the local machine ( Then, write app that simulates the DRM server to save games, etc. are handled locally. Of course, I say it's conceptually trivial - depending on some specifics, it could get a little more difficult, but definitely doable. Same goes for the idea of streaming textures, etc. that someone else suggested - it's all crackable, just like nearly every scheme. Heck, even having the game live online only can be overcome with the help of some really determined people - if you can set up a WoW server at home, then even streaming game content isn't viable as a copyprotection mechanism.

The Internet

Submission + - Email Address Discrimination by Facebook & oth 2

An anonymous reader writes: I've recently started using tagged email addresses (Eg. membership+facebook@example.com) hoping to identify/eliminate sources of spam, But I find that a lot of websites have broken validation regex which reject perfectly valid email addresses (according to RFC2822 the part before the @ shouldn't concern anyone other than the host handling mail for that domain). And yet I find a lot of websites rejecting valid email addresses, while some of them have agreed to fix the problem others seem to be believe they get to dictate what an email address on my domain should look like.

Here is an email I got from facebook when I complained about their site not allowing me to sign up.

From: "Madison from Facebook"
Reply-To: comment-info-rt@facebook.com
To: *myname*@gmail.com
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 18:19:07 -0700

Hi *myname*,

Unfortunately we do not support email addresses that contain the +
sign. There are no exceptions to this rule. We sincerely apologize for
any inconvenience this policy may have caused you. Let me know if
you run into any other issues while trying to sign up for Facebook.

Thanks for contacting Facebook,

Customer Support Representative


Submission + - First retail Intel X38 mobo Review - The X38-DQ6

mrneutron2004 writes: It looks like TweakTown has the first retail Intel X38 motherboard reviewed from GIGABYTE — the X38-DQ6. The new chipset is set to replace the aging 975X chipset and comes with future-proofing features such as PCI Express 2.0, dual x16 PEG lanes, support for upcoming 45nm processors and more. Read the review for full performance comparison against P35 DDR2 and DDR3.

Submission + - Second life uses more energy than real people: IBM (zdnet.com.au)

An anonymous reader writes: According to IBM's vice president of IT optimisation, an avatar in Second Life now consumes more energy than a person in Brazil. "It's unacceptable that a virtual person can consume more energy than a real person," Rich Lechner said today in Sydney. Lechner has called for improvements in Internet infrastructure to decrease energy consumption. "At the end of the day we need to make sure that the infrastructure that supports the Internet ... is fundamentally more efficient than it is today," he said.

Submission + - Google Introduces AdSense for Mobile

An anonymous reader writes: The New York Times is reporting that Google is going to start selling ads for cell phone-targeted websites. From TFA:

The company said that its new product, AdSense for Mobile, would establish a cellphone advertising network in which Google would match ads with the content of mobile Web pages, much as it does online.
Dilip Venkatachari, product management director for AdSense, said the ads would provide a new source of revenue for publishers and could encourage more online sites to create mobile-focused Web sites. Like most other Google advertising systems, ad prices will be set through an auction and and advertisers will pay when a user clicks on its ad.

Mr. Venkatachari said Google had encouraged publishers to have no more than two ads per mobile page, a smaller number than typically appear on a PC's Web browser.
While I'm sure there will be (perhaps not totally undeserved) grousing about paying for the bandwidth to deliver ads to your phone, this may make it more feasible for ad-supported websites to expand into the mobile market. It should also be interesting to see how Google and their competitors adapt to the mobile market — I suspect that with the possible exception of iPhone and Blackberry users, most people will avoid casually surfing on their phone, making click-throughs rarer and making immediate ad relevance even more important.
The Almighty Buck

New York Times Ends Its Paid Subscription Service 169

Mike writes "The New York Times has announced that it will end its paid Internet service in favor of making most of its Web site available for free. The hope is that this move will attract more readers and higher advertising revenue. 'The longer-term problem for publishers like the Times is that they must find ways to present content online rather than just transferring stories and pictures from the newspaper. Most U.S. news Web sites offer their contents for free, supporting themselves by selling advertising. One exception is The Wall Street Journal which runs a subscription-based Web site. TimesSelect generated about $10 million in revenue a year. Schiller declined to project how much higher the online growth rate would be without charging visitors.'"

Submission + - A Petition to Apple to open the iPhone! (opentheiphone.org)

Midnight Ryder writes: "When the iPhone was released, developers were a bit taken back by the fact Apple, Inc. had opted not to support 3rd party native applications. Instead, their solution was entirely based around Web based applications — slow, no local storage, along with other problems. But hackers will be hackers, and it didn't take long until until a solution was found and 3rd party native apps started pouring in. However, Apple has stated at one point they were "neutral" to 3rd party development, then later said they would most likely break those apps. Now a petition website has started to show Apple there a growing desire to see Apple support 3rd party developers more directly!"

Submission + - IBM Challenges Microsoft with Free Office Suite

BBCWatcher writes: The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and several other news outlets report that IBM will announce a free, downloadable office suite today in a direct challenge to Microsoft. The news comes only a week after IBM announced it is joining OpenOffice.org and dedicating 35 developers to the project.

IBM is resurrecting an old name for this brand new software: Lotus Symphony. The new Symphony, based on Open Office, is yet another product to support Open Document Format (ODF), the ISO standard for universal document interchange. There are about 135 million Lotus Notes users, and they will also receive Symphony free. IBM support will be available for a fee. There are no details yet about platform support, but IBM is supporting Lotus Notes 8 on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows, so at least those three are likely.

Submission + - Bush Administration Trims Environmental Cops (enn.com)

kjzk writes: "White House Trims Environmental Cops, Below Level Ordered by Congress
By Rita Beamish
The Associated Press

Washington —
Fewer U.S. environmental cops are tracking criminal polluters these days, their numbers steadily dropping below levels ordered by Congress. They are pursuing fewer environmental crimes in a strategy by the Bush administration to target bigger polluters.

The number of the Environmental Protection Agency's criminal investigators has dropped this year to 174, below the 200-agent minimum required by Congress, even as the EPA's overall criminal enforcement budget rose nearly 25 percent over three years to $48 million, according to EPA records.

An internal memorandum from one of the agency's top lawyers, obtained by The Associated Press, said the EPA is violating the U.S. Pollution Prosecution Act of 1990, which requires the agency to employ at least 200 criminal investigators.

The EPA's overall criminal caseload — investigations that could lead to prosecutions later — is declining, according to the agency's figures. It has opened fewer investigations every year since 2002, when there were 484 new investigations and 216 agents. Last year, the number of new cases fell to 305.

"It is difficult to believe that environmental crime suddenly declined precipitously after Bush took office. It is more likely that the administration's enthusiasm for criminal prosecution declined," said Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich., chairman of the House Energy and Commerce committee, who spearheaded the 1990 law."


Submission + - Microsoft Relying on Linux?

josmar52789 writes: As it turns out, a quick search on Netcraft.com reveals that a number of sites owned by Microsoft are apparently relying on Linux. FolderShare.com, which is a Windows Live service is running on Linux with PHP for Apache. The filesharing/backup site was acquired by Microsoft a few years ago and on up until now, Microsoft has seen fit to leave it running on Linux. It's also interesting to see that quite a few of Microsoft's most popular sites are still running Windows 2000 on IIS 5.0 (who wanted businesses to upgrade?) and most of Microsoft's sites are using the F5 Big IP load balancer which recently switched over to Linux from BSD. You gotta love Microsoft for their patriotism to Windows :)

Submission + - 3.0GHz Phenom and 3-Way CrossFire Spotted (hothardware.com) 1

MojoKid writes: "AMD revealed the clock speed of the Agena-based processor they showed to the press today in conference, which as you can see in the second picture here is 3.0GHz. There has been a lot of speculation that AMD wasn't able to push early Phenom samples to frequencies this high, but here is proof that at least some Phenoms clocked at 3.0GHz do exist. You may also notice that the system hit a Windows Experience index score of 5.9, which incidentally is the highest score possible. We should also note that AMD talked about 4-way CrossFire as well (3-way CrossFire shown here), and that the company has continued plans to produce discreet GPUs at all performance levels (mainstream — enthusiast), even after Fusion arrives."

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