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Comment Re:Dear Winklevii (Score 1) 90

Settlements aren't only made when they think the cost of fighting it in court would be cheaper than settling.

Most cases aren't slam dunk in either direction. If what was depicted in the movie was accurate then it's not unlikely that the twins had a decent chance of winning. An argument that Zuckerberg was leading them on as an attempt to develop his own version of a social network and stall possible competition seems reasonable.

If they won they could win a lot more than $65 million. I don't know what the original amount they were seeking was. Let's say it was $300 million. Even if you think they only have a 30% chance of succeeding it's a net gain to pay $65million, save the court costs, let Zuckerberg go back to work and move on.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem like the settlement actually settled the matter.

Comment Re:New Google Strategy (Score 1) 243

Doesn't make much sense to spend 10's or maybe over 100 billion dollars to acquire a company in lieu of being sued over 8 billion or trying to fight it or settle.

Better solution is if both Ellison and one of the Google founders agree to the take battle to the skies in their respective fighter jets to settle this. Winner also gets any adsense revenue from the YoutTube videos of the aerial combat.

Comment Re:online??? yeah, about that bridge your're selli (Score 1) 168

There really isn't an incentive for the sites to rig the games but there is an incentive for them to have fair games. That's why sites have their RNG's independently audited.

Unlike other casino games, in poker you're playing against other players, not against the house. The house makes money buy taking a small portion of the pot or tournament buy-in.

Comment Re:create a federal regulatory body (Score 0) 168

Online poker needs to reach a wide audience, Intrastate poker would suck. The great thing about the international poker sites was you could jump on any time of the day and have over 100k people playing.

There are a ton of different games and different stakes. The more people that are playing, the better chance the games you want to play will be running at the stakes you play.

The whole UIGEA thing was a bad idea. They should have just worked out a way that the big sites could operate legally in the US and receive deposits and find a way to charge them for it. The big sites would have been happy to pay.


Activists Destroy Scientific GMO Experiment 1229

Freggy writes "In Belgium, a group of activists calling themselves the Field Liberation Movement has destroyed a field which was being used for a scientific experiment with genetically modified potatoes. In spite of the presence of 60 police officers protecting the field, activists succeeded pulling out the plants and sprayed insecticides over them, ruining the experiment. The goal of the experiment was to test potato plants which are genetically modified to be resistant to potato blight. It's a sad day for the freedom of scientific research."

Submission + - Poker Journalists Have Marathon Emergency Broadcas (

MicroRoller writes: "Since Friday when the DoJ cracked down on the 3 largest online poker sites, Marco Valerio, host of and others have been holding an emergency broadcast to keep online poker players informed and entertained. They've been broadcasting on ustream continuously for over 60 hours. They're guests have included many poker players and industry insiders including the CEOs of poker sites Victory Poker, Chilli Poker and Wombat Poker."

Comment Re:Victimless "crime" (Score 1) 379

The reason that the sites had to allegedly resort to fraud and money laundering is because of the way the law is structured and that there is some grey area if whether poker is classified as illegal internet gambling for various reasons. One of which is that poker is a skill game.

It's not illegal for most americans (excluding those in states like WA that have state specific laws against it) to play online poker. The legal problems revolve around the transfer of money in and out of US financial institutions.

The poker sites or their processing tried to circumvent some laws to be able to conduct what they believed to be a lawful business. At least I think that's their take on things?

The way the UIGEA was implemented seemed a bit rushed and left some ambiguities.

The whole thing just sucks. Online poker was becoming a big part of my life and the poker apocalypse bums me out.

Open Source

Submission + - Ex-Sun CEO to Ellison: avoid death by open source (

gearystwatcher writes: Former Sun CEO Scott McNealy talks to The Reg on where things went wrong and acquisition by Oracle: "We probably got a little too aggressive near the end and probably open sourced too much and tried too hard to appease the community and tried too hard to share," McNealy said. "You gotta take care of your shareholders or you end up very vulnerable like we got. We were a wonderful acquisition — we got stolen for a song at the bottom of the Dow."

Submission + - RobotsThink We Taste Like Bacon. (

MicroRoller writes: "Researchers at NEC System technologies and Mie University developed a robot that can taste.
"Upon being given a sample, he will speak up in a childlike voice and identify what he has just been fed. The idea is that wineries can tell if a wine is authentic without even opening the bottle, amongst other more obscure uses" When a reporter placed his hand up for taste the robot identified it as bacon. Let's hope robots don't develop a taste for that crinkly, crispy, salty yummy... we're doomed!"

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