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Comment not foolproof (Score 4, Interesting) 85

There are other things you can comment on like above, but I there are other ways this can go wrong as well.

I have been diagnosed with bad eczema on my hands recently, and it mostly affects the tips of my fingers. The sensor on my Nexus will now periodically stop accepting my fingerprint scans until I log in with another authentication method and rescan them.

If you don't have any backup ways to provide authentication there are cases where people will get locked out for medical reasons. That won't be extremely common I guess, but fingerprint biometric will, like all systems, not solve all problems.

Comment Re:Bypass them (Score 1) 136

You don't need constitutional amendments for each and every issue. To need a single constitutional amendment to limit influence of the massive amount of lobbyist and donor cash that has flowed into government since 1980.

The amount influence corporate cash has on the system is the problem that is behind every major problem we have, whether it is health care, right to repair, or massive amount of money we are spending on national defence. The situation looks a whole hell of a lot like we have no representation... that is we have representation in name only. My Congressional rep sure as hell doesn't care about his constituents. It's all about the donor culture now. If we are smart we would working to change THAT.

Comment Re: So what? (Score 1) 472

I am confused why it would COST 2x to the consumer. It's two times the cost of manufacture, but as I have read the manufacturing cost is actually quite low and most of the cost of an iPhone has to do with the premium paid for the Apple name.

2x a small number is often still a small number.

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