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Comment Re:That's It? (Score 3, Interesting) 40

Austinmodders mod a whole lot more than just computer cases. Of which a majority of the case creations started from a pile of materials, not a manufacturers case. They have modded anything from a pinball machine, to a completely wooden ipod (1st gen), to a muscle car (among other cars), to a laser/light show, to a hand radio, to the tools they use, to a 1940's tv. And just about anything in between. I see a lot of people on here with the naive thinking and hate piling on uninformed opinions about anything anyone out there might be interested in. Really it is just pretty sad, but I guess I can't expect too much from most of the comments I ever read here. A lot of what those guys and many others like them have modded were modded before even modding was something you even heard about. Most of them are lifers who have always been interested in technology, but want to put another spin on it. I cant understand all the negative comments and hatred for a social club of techies who used their skills and corporate networking to "beg" others around them to help create an event out of nothing to generate money to donate to very worthy cause, and while they were at it, bring awareness to possibly like minded people to have some fun on their spare time and meet some great people. Something I thought people at slashdot might understand, along the lines of the makerfaire attitude. Not to mention they donate a prize so maybe others can contribute money to that cause, AND give away door prizes to those that donated ANYTHING to the cause. Expensive gaming keyboards, headsets, flash drives, the lot. I cant believe some of you people that would hate the world so much, that you gotta hate others that would seek to even make it maybe a little bit better for someone else. I can only really say, shame on some of you. This isnt necessarily to my reply, but the thread of conversation in general.

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