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Comment you can't help anyone. you're worthless. (Score -1) 545

chase down my responses some more monkey. whine about claims of others stalking you while you incessantly search for another reply to respond to. read the information, then deny it... just like a paranoid, delusional recluse would.

admit to more abuse.

whine more about being raped... then claim it wasn't rape... then claim that i, or others, would put themselves in the same position... when i deny it, claim i would anyways. just lie.

back to your bush shanty lower level apartment with your 65+ year old roommate named jan, feeb.

Alexander Peter Kowalski has admitted to abusing a former (only?) girlfriend... claiming it just "happens"... then claims that it's funny, and he's laughing about it.

Alexander Peter Kowalski seems to have many unsatisfied customers

Alexander Peter Kowalski
903 East Division Street
Syracuse, N.Y. 13208
Apartment #1, Lower Level

i suppose your listed address includes "Apartment #1, Lower Level", because you rent out the "Higher Levels" of your home to people who can afford to not live with people above them... or maybe they just couldn’t keep their taxes up to date. somehow, i suppose...

Jan Kowalski (Age 65+)
E Division St
Syracuse, NY
Associated people:
Alexander P Kowalski

i suppose the 65+ year old named jan that is listed as living with you is your hot cougar wife... not your mother...... you couldn't possibly be so cliché as to be a 45 year old living in your mom's basement............. could you??????? if you'd rather i call and ask her, that's ok.... just don't respond here...

cower in my shadow some more, feeb.

you're completely pathetic.

Comment Re:Einstein replied "Check your measurements, son" (Score -1) 1088

unless they are bent by a magnetic or electric field or something similar.

you mean like gravity?

Gravitation effects occurring on neutrinos during a 732km trip are pretty much non-existent and wouldn't add 18m. Neutrinos are very weakly interacting particles and to expect them be significantly affected by gravity on a 732km trip is laughable.

they just sent a beam straight from CERN to Gran Sasso right through any intervening rocks.

"straight"??? relative to what? the earth is in constant motion.

you're an idiot.

Relative to the earth. The earth is in constant motion but so are the two sites involved in the experiment and in fact, they are in almost the same motion as each other so yes you can talk about sending things straight between the two sites.

Calling people idiots seems to be your standard m.o., perhaps you should check yourself for the idiocy, first.

almost?? 15m is almost 0m.

qualify your drivel some more, idiot.

then cower in my shadow behind your chosen program of action based pseudonym, feeb.

you're completely pathetic.

Comment Re:Maybe mobile DEVICES are more vulnerable (Score 0) 92

"MichaelKristopeit360" is operated by a pathetic individual attempting to steal my identity, and criminally defame me.

to the individual responsible: present yourself to me; admit what you've done, then i'll bring upon you the ultimate punishment for your transgressions.

you spend your days in a fantasy world you have created relative to me. the instrument you choose to play is the sexual abuse of children.

you are completely pathetic.

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