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Comment Re:The only question I have is (Score 0) 385

you are HYPOCRITICALLY defining "the" truth as DIFFERENT THROUGH CAPABILITY OF CONFUSION from the truth's i provide. you don't understand this as hypocrisy BECAUSE YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE.

ur mum's face really do have a single track mind.

you're an idiot.

cower some more, feeb. refresh your browser. beg that i pointed out your ignorance.

you're completely pathetic.

Comment Re:Violation of Payment Card Industry regulations? (Score 0) 73

ur mum's face've shown your incompetence.

of course it doesn't matter if i HAVE the hashed numbers... the exploit exists in the hash numbers REMAINING STORED ON AMAZON'S SERVERS AND BEING USED BETWEEN AMAZON'S SERVERS AND THE PAYMENT PROCESSOR IN LIEU OF AN ACTUAL CARD NUMBER.

you're an idiot.

Comment Re:"Ultimate" Deterrent? (Score 0) 441

exactly what i was thinking... there is nothing "ultimate" about an electronic circuit... if anything, forging a logical circuit would be the easiest thing to reliably and exactly duplicate on the note. obviously masks carry significant costs, but no more than commercial printing presses, magnetized and luminescent inks, and various paper stocks.

also considering the largest threat of counterfeiting comes from foreign governments... particularly those that currently control most of the chip fabrication plants that could duplicate this process on a marginal basis, if anything this is setting up the banks to create their own false sense of security and allow counterfeiting on a much grander scale.

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