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Comment Re:Mental Health Days (Score -1) 305

are you qualified to diagnose? i'd much more likely believe the individual that CHOOSES TO REFER TO THEMSELVES RELATIVE TO URINE is the one with something not properly hinged.

there is a large probability that you'll never not be an idiot.

why do you continue to cower behind a chosen pseudonym? why not disclose your full name and address so i can seek your help? what are you afraid of?

you're completely pathetic.

Comment Re:Why do we keep talking about her? (Score -1) 1425

you were just being an idiot... because you are an idiot. you WERE confused because you ARE an idiot.

oh, because you were an idiot and i called you an idiot, that must make me someone that seeks out such idiocy and doesn't have it thrown at him as a monkey would throw their feces.

you have chosen to cower behind a chosen pseudonym.

you are completely pathetic.

Comment Re:lies in the headline... as usual. (Score -1) 251

i do not have more accounts than i CAN have.

why do you cower? what are you afraid of? are you simply too stupid to create accounts for yourself? i have the karma of a man attacked by conspiring marketeers who do not function when their lies are brought to the surface of discussion. my basement lair is 500 miles from my mother... as is the rest of my house and wife and kids and dogs and numerous firearms.

you're completely pathetic.

Comment Re:so... (Score -1) 76

"MichaelKristopeit172" is operated by a pathetic individual attempting to steal my identity.

to the individual responsible: present yourself to me; admit what you've done, then i will bring upon you the ultimate punishment for your transgressions.

slashdot does NOTHING to limit users. you're an idiot AND a liar.

you're completely pathetic.

Comment Re:stop posting obvious untruths in stories. (Score -1) 330

you are talking about static relative to procedural execution... i'm talking about dynamic relative to programming code... considering the claim of static typing was relative to "readable code", it is quite obvious this language is dynamically typed in those terms.

i promise you, your marketeering is pathetic.

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