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Comment Re:WHAT vendors? (Score 0, Insightful) 223

there is an alliance of individuals that moderate anyone that attempts to contradict me as insightful... it couldn't be more painfully obvious here.

the vendor represented by "Archangel Michael" created more work for the user, then when the user asked for a trivial feature to return the workload back to what it was before, the vendor gave up and trashed all their work, and the "slashdot community" deems that act AS THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF INSIGHTFULNESS.

you're all idiots.

slashdot = stagnated.

Comment Re:WHAT vendors? (Score 2, Insightful) 223

because string comparison and integer math to determine yesterday's date are too difficult for you?

why else have a text field? let them type in "2 weeks ago" and make it work... IT'S TRIVIAL.

i'd make the interface with a calendar popup and navigation buttons to jump days and weeks and months and years.

Comment Re:Lots of versions (Score -1, Flamebait) 292

so is mac a locked down platform or not?

you're an idiot.

the DIFFERENT environment that is likely causing the problem are 3rd party plugins.... i already asked what plugins were installed and smallfries has refused to respond.

you're an ignorant hypocrite. i have chrome 7 installed on 5 macs in my house from a powerpc imac, os x 10.5 on a mac book, os x 10.6 on a mac mini... youtube works, and has always worked fine on them all. smallfries is pointing fingers WHEN THE PROBLEM IS THEIR OWN IGNORANCE.

Comment Re:you can't legislate intelligent decision making (Score 0) 439

my provider never lied to me.... you claimed that i claimed that they had... YOU ARE A LIAR... THE WORST KIND OF LIAR... you place lies in the mouths of others while you pathetically cower.

is this how you attempt to convince people you're not an idiot? by putting lies in the mouths of others?

you're completely pathetic. i simply ask you to state your given name, address, and employer, like someone that wasn't a lying coward marketing cog, and you refuse, AND THEN YOU DEMAND I ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS? are you retarded?

i am michael kristopeit. i live at 4513 brittany ct. eau claire, wi 54701. why do you cower? what are you afraid of? why do you lie? is your mother a liar too?


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