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Comment "Inhumane" treatment (Score 2) 491

Did anybody look up what his cell looks like? He's being held in a suite of 3 cells, each 8 square meters. That's 25' x 25' for my "non-metric" friends. He has exercise equipment, a bedroom, and a "study room" with a computer. He has a TV and can request books and videos to watch. He is in "solitary", but this does not mean he is deprived of human contact. It means he does not interact with other prisoners. He is, however, visited far more often than the average prisoner by prison staff and clergy. He is by no means alone, he has no more or less choice over whom he interacts with than the average prisoner, and it can be argued that he is safer and has nicer company from the prison staff and clergy than he would from fellow prisoners. His life is not and never will be in danger. This is highly generous for somebody who murdered 77 other human beings.

Comment Fix? (Score 1) 31

Wouldn't a fairly simple fix be to make it so that consecutive rows in the RAM do not correspond to consecutive memory addresses? The virtual memory manager is already serving up the physical RAM in 4k pages. Right now the rows within the 4k page are consecutive, but any given block of RAM bigger than 4k may actually be comprised of pages from anywhere in the physical RAM. If you reordered the rows within the 4k page at a hardware level it would be difficult to know which rows were actually consecutive. Potentially use a different order for each page. If done on a hardware level this would add a tiny bit of overhead, but not that much. Basically you would need a mapping table that could translate a 12 bit value into some other 12 bit value.

Comment Settled? (Score 1) 568

Climate change is partially cyclical and partially influenced by human action. How much is which? It's unknown. We've only been observing it for 50 years or less. We've already made changes. Cleaner cars, factories, etc. How much has this helped? We don't know yet. Don't we need the answers on this to judge our progress?

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