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Comment Re:Hemos Says: "So Long, and Thanks For All The Fi (Score 1) 1521

No kidding. I haven't logged in for ages myself but I'll dust off the ole low 4-digiter.

I used to read Slashdot back in the early days when I was at PSU and everyone living off-campus connected through dial-up. It got me interested in Linux, and then when I interned at Intel between my junior and senior years I ended up attending some SVLUG events where Chris DiBona and Larry Augustin helped me install Red Hat 5.2 ("don't worry about the guys complaining about the new libc"). After Larry did the initial lilo.conf setup Chris named my NT partition "CPM" (ba-dum-dish). There's a thread archived on the internet somewhere, too, where Rick Moen makes fun of me for posting an email to svlug asking if /. was still up for people. Good times.

After school I went and worked for Loki and made Linux games and even ran into Rob and Jeff once or twice as part of that (Linuxworld probably?). Ah, memories.

Enjoy yourself, Rob.

Comment our setup (Score 1) 742

I have a Dell Mini 9 running Ubuntu that I gave to my six year old to play with/break. On top of the usual install it's got ktuberling (mr. potato head), gcompris, and tuxpaint on it, those three keep her and our three year old amused for a bit. They've learned excellent trackpad skills, know how to user switch, type in passwords, type in words for games, play various elementary games, etc.

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