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Comment Re:why does your phone need software running on yo (Score 1) 519

You can use the SC in the command line to enable the service when you need it and disable it when you don't using a BAT file. (sc config servicenamehere start= disable)

Well, clearly this will never be the year of the windows desktop until users never have to interact with the commandline for anything. They should scrap entirely in fact because users should never need it.

Right click on 'My Computer' -> Click 'Manage' -> Expand the tree and find 'Services' -> right click the service you would like to disable -> click 'Properties' -> disable it -> click ok.. Yes, because that's so much easier than running that simple command. :P

Comment Re:If you can't handle the concept of dark matter (Score 1) 379

Funny thing about science, it's not evidence that generates a hypothesis. The hypothesis causes the scientist to come up with an experiment to test his theory (hypothesis), this experiment can either support it and make evidence, or refute or damage his hypothesis. And the merry-go-round goes on and on. :)

Submission + - Airline Pilot's Union Says:"No Full-Body Scan" (theregister.co.uk)

Jeremiah Cornelius writes: From the "Are you just happy to see me Dept."
The American Pilots Association, representing 12,000 pilots, is rejecting backscatter X-ray full-body scanning for their members, in an official position. The union is recommending that their pilots submit instead, to the new physical pat-down search procedure, instituted as an alternate by US Transportation Security Administration. Despite the objections to the invasive and possibly humiliating nature of the pat-downs, the APA cites health concerns from the scanners, unique to the job hazards as pilots: “We are already subjected to larger amounts of radiation by flying long distances at high altitudes,” Captain Sam Mayer, who is the APA's communications committee chairman. "we haven't seen any data yet talking about the long term cumulative effects of this over time.” Not addressed in this recommendation by the pilot's union is the misplaced attention on scanning pilots — at all. The pilot has many opportunities to destroy or disrupt an aircraft, without needing to resort to carrying a weapon or concealing explosives.

Comment Re:Ive been wanting to get into HAM (Score 2, Informative) 368

but i cant really put a big antenna on my apartment building.

KD0KYW here, you don't need a big antenna to break into HAM. I only have a handheld 2 meter radio with a 1/4 wave antenna on it. With that radio I can hit repeaters 20+ miles away and have conversations with people way farther away than that. :) If you're in the basement you might not have as much luck, if you're high up you'll do well. My advice: Get a license and see where that takes you. (Oh yeah, I'm 19 btw, so we're not all old)

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