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Comment Re:Menus on cameras are terrible (Score 1) 160

The menus on Canon cameras are actually one of the best features and one I tout when people ask me for camera suggestions. Every Canon digital camera I've owned since the late 90's, whether various models of point and shoot, or five different dSLR models (including the 5Dmk3) has a menu system consistent with the other models. There are more options in some cameras compared to others, especially the 5, but they all work the same. If you've used any Canon camera you can pick up another model and immediately know how to navigate the menus and set things up. That kind of consistent experience is a real win.

Comment Well, I still like Evernote (Score 1) 286

I use Evernote extensively across several Macs and iOS devices using native applications, a Pebble watch using Powernoter (awesome for checking off shopping list items while in the store), and my Linux desktop at work using the web interface. I like that I can tag and apply other metadata for organizational purposes, encrypt entire notes or just portions of text, and it's all rich content so I have one entire notebook full of Owner's Manuals in PDF format. They also integrate well into the various platform operating systems, for things like clipping and sharing.

Apple has enhanced their iCloud Notes ecosystem to have rich content, but it does not have the metadata or organizational tools that Evernote has, as well as all the problems with iCloud such as it syncing when it wants not when you want and with no feedback about errors, dumping data if it thinks you're low on space (leaving you screwed when you're on the plane), terrible conflict resolution, and it does start to cost money if you exceed 5GB of iCloud storage (which counts iOS backups and Photo Library if you use those, as well as all other iCloud documents saved there).

All this makes me long for the simple days when I used TiddlyWiki on a flash drive I'd carry around and plug into computer or laptop, back before smartphones and other mobile devices.

I'm not jumping ship, but I'm curious to see how this plays out.

Comment Re: Awful editing (Score 1) 91

Actually during that timeframe I found that my Apple TV 3 would not connect to Netflix, while every other device in the house could. So I restarted the ATV3, and all I got were two icons onscreen: Settings, and Computers. At the time I had no idea what was going on. Now it makes unfortunate sense.

Comment Re: Digital hoarders (Score 1) 214

I don't know what would change the setting (in the Advanced tab of iTunes preferences) behind your back, but I can tell you that whatever that selected behavior is, holding down the Option key when dragging files to iTunes from the Finder will reverse that preference for that drag-drop operation. A copy into the media folder will show a green + sign once you drag to iTunes (before your drop). A link to the existing location will not.

Comment Re:Just tell me (Score 5, Interesting) 463

According to the Times she was not symptomatic at the time of that flight; however, I would consider it nearly criminal for her to have chosen, even lacking symptoms, to fly in a plane or be in any public confined space until well after the maximum possible incubation period after the last moment she could possibly have been exposed to the contagious patient.

Comment Re: Not for deaf/hard of hearing... (Score 2) 579

Pedestrians *in* a crosswalk have the right of way; however, at signalized intersections, pedestrians waiting to enter the crosswalk do not. They must obey the signals. In other words, if someone is waiting at the curb to use a crosswalk in the middle of the street somewhere, you are legally obliged to stop and let them cross. You can be ticketed for not doing so. However, if the same person is waiting at a crosswalk at an intersection and "Don't Walk" is displayed, you do not have to stop for them, they have to wait on the curb. If a pedestrian is in a crosswalk for whatever reason, you must stop and let them finish otherwise there are a number of different reasons you can be ticketed. However, you needn't stop for them if they're on the other side of a divided road. In Massachusetts, anyway.

Comment Re:This will accelerate my transition (Score 1) 214

The thing about Aperture is not only is the workflow perfect for my needs, but it also integrates into the Apple Ecosystem - trivial syncing of albums to iOS devices for show-and-tell with friends, as well as selection of photos in any file dialog under the Media picker. Going to Lightroom, Capture One, or any other third-party solution loses out on that (at least partially; I know about arbitrary folder-of-photos syncing). Additionally, I have Aperture set to auto-import my iCloud (Photostream) images to a project. Once that goes to the snazzy new setup, I don't know if I'll even be able to get at those out of Photos without fancy scripting or manual manipulation. Dammit, I had just started Applescripting my Aperture workflows, too.

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