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Submission + - World-Renknowned Baseball Player Fidel Castro Not ( 1

MichaelCrawford writes: "At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love. It is impossible to think of a genuine revolutionary lacking this quality. Ernesto "Che" Guevara

Truly a Latin American icon, attempted, yet strictly speaking, failed Washington Sentator's pitcher Fidel Castro won't actually be missed quite yet as recent reports of his death are not merely premature, but a hoax propagted by an email Trojan.

Che was completely correct regarding true revolutionaries.

Consider that Karl Marx, far from hurling Molotov Cocktails from behind hastily improvised street barricades, lived in desperate poverty for decades, while performing quiet, scholarly literature research in the reading room of the British Library in hopes of finding some way to end the incredible cruelty of government through royal inheritance as well as the what at the time was the profoundly dehumanizing Industrial Revolution.

My name is Jonathan Swift. I am to Solve what I call the Software Problem. But the software I aim to debug does not run on a computer made of Silicon, rather a computer made of meat, that being the human brain.

The Social Software Problem concerns humanity's history of endless conflict, the primary danger of which arises from Milleniarian Movements such as Stalinism, the Heaven's Gate UFO Cult mass suicide in San Diego in the Spring of 1997 as well as former US President Ronald's Reagan's publicly-stated purpose for having been sent to Earth by G-d Almighty Himself, that being to initiate the War against Gog, consuming it in fire as prophesied by by The Book of Revolation. Reagan was completely convinced that meant he was divinely appointed totally vaporize Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in order to bring about The End Times and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior."


Submission + - ViaCom to Get YouTube User Histories in Lawsuit (

Creative Commons Music writes: "During discovery in the ViaCom v. YouTube lawsuit, ViaCom asked for the source code to Google's search engine, as well as the source to the software that ferrets out copyright infringing videos. Google successfully argued that releasing its search source, even under non-disclosure, would put its whole business at risk.

However, despite Google's concerns about privacy, the judge is willing to give ViaCom the YouTube user histories:

Defendants argue that the data should not be disclosed because of the users' privacy concerns, saying that "Plaintiffs would likely be able to determine the viewing and video uploading habits of YouTube's users based on the user's login ID and the user's IP address". But defendants cite no authority barring them from disclosing such information in civil discovery proceedings, and their privacy concerns are speculative.

Now, we all now that the date, time and IP address can be used to find an ISP's specific user. Are ViaCom's heavy bootheels coming to kick down the doors of infringing YouTube uploaders?"


Submission + - Corn Genome Sequenced (

Certifiably Insane writes: "Researchers led by Richard Wilson of Washinton University in St. Louis have unraveled the DNA sequence of corn, also known as maize. The sequence is to be made freely available from GenBank as well as from

Corn is one of America's most important crops, being used not just for food but also for fuel. The sequence will aid in the breeding of varieties that are more resistant to disease and drought."


Submission + - Database Stolen From Pornsite Accounting Business (

Creative Commons Music writes: "Hold onto your... hats... gentlemen: the database of customer site webmasters was stolen from Too Much Media, which makes an accounting package called Next-Generation Administration and Tracking System, or NATS, which tracks affiliate payments for referrals to adult sites. The breach allowed the operators of competing porn sites to download many membership lists, which were then used to send spam advertising their sites. This deeply troubles the adult webmaster community, because the privacy breach risks embarrassing their members if friends and family members find the skanky spam. (Me? I just read Slashdot for the articles!)"

Submission + - Antitrust Suit Against Record Industry Dismissed (

Michael Crawford writes: "Federal District Judge Gerard E. Lynch in New York has dismissed the lawsuit filed by LimeWire publisher Lime Group LLC against the big record labels for refusing to license their music for Lime to sell. Its suit claimed that the record labels illegally sought to monopolize online music distribution.

In his 45-page opinion, Lynch wrote that the labels' refusal to license their music to Lime didn't amount to "anything other than independent decision-making by each company to refrain from doing business". The judge also concluded that none of the labels' actions had any adverse affect on competition. He responded to Lime's complaint that they engaged in price fixing by stating that Lime failed to established that such price-fixing had harmed it.

However, some of the complaints brought under state laws were dismissed "without prejudice," thereby allowing Lime to pursue the case in state courts."

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