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Comment Maemo (Score 1) 199

I've been ranting about precisely the same things with what's touted as the first Internet Tablets based on OPEN SOURCE with the Nokia tablets. There's a LOT LOT LOT of closed source modules and even applications that you can't uninstall on them despite the Linux kernel and generally Debian flavor of the OS. Meanwhile everyone using the pre-(not even yet released)-N900 tablets are stuck with an aged 2.6.21 kernel because many drivers are closed and Nokia would rather make a new tablet than properly open up the tablet architecture even though they like to go on and on about what an erection they get when they think about open source. I'm becoming less and less convinced that the driver modules that Nokia proudly takes credit for opening up are even BECAUSE of Nokia so much as that chip manufactures are opening it up on their own because of the positively evolving effects and opinions around open-sourcing hardware drivers. What Netgear did here seems to feel almost IDENTICAL to what Nokia has been doing for a few years now--talking up open source to get the attention of the geeks and developers and put up an open facade. It's still a walled garden despite the open facade.

Comment Relevant... how? (Score 1) 554

Let's just assume that everything they said were accurate accusations and that the FSF is anti-copyright, anti-RIAA, anti-whatever...

How is this relevant to their case? If anything, doesn't that make the FSF the opposing balance in the scales of the arguments? I'm just not sure that what they're saying really comes down to much more than just 'name-calling' and doesn't really explain whether their case has merit.

Comment ~~~FUMING~~~ (Score 1) 798

Hell.. why not just name it the "Fallen Kingdom Stewing Piddly Crap" Channel? (Try just saying the first syllables of that name for what I REALLY meant by it.) Cripes.. I guess I'm just too much of a cellar-ridden geek playing video games. I guess what they're saying is that my buddies and I shouldn't bother throwing together chips and KFC parties for shows like we have been for BSG. :) Apparently, we're not in their demographic. So much for THAT ad revenue they were making. It's truly insulting--plus they defined a general genre that a LARGE population of people have always liked and subscribed to their channel for--mind you, with a few stellar exceptions like BSG, Stargate and Firefly, most of their programming are disappointing and they deserve to lose most of the revenue if things ever finally go ala carte like Hulu and Amazon.

Submission + - President Bush Gives Self Dictatorial Powers

MSTCrow5429 writes: WorldNetDaily ( 825) reports on National Security Presidential Directive NSPD-51/Homeland Security Presidential Directive HSPD-20, issued by President Bush, which effectively would give the Presidency dictatorial powers during a declared national emergency, without any Congressional or other oversight, over all levels of government throughout the United States and its territories, as well as over the entire private sector. It apparently is meant to override the National Emergencies Act, which gives Congress the power to check Presidential power during national emergencies. The office of National Continuity Director has been created, without authorization from Congress. Frances Fragos Townsend, the assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, would be appointed as the National Continuity Director during a national emergency. Perhaps most worryingly, the President can now unilaterally declare a national emergency, and proceed to implement directives, answerable to no one, not even Congress.

Submission + - Are you fat on the inside?

eZtaR writes: Discovery Channel News have a story which states that recent studies show that fat surrounding internal organs might be even more dangerous than regular obesity, and even though you don't seem fat with the naked eye, you might have large amounts of fat surrounding your internal organs. I guess it's the only time when some's said "It's what the inside that counts" it's actually been true..
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Stupidest DMCA Threat Ever

Mike writes: "Media Rights Technology, a DRM vendor, has launched what what is probably the most idiotic DMCA threat ever. They're threatening to slam Adobe and Real with cease and desist lawsuits for failing to buy their crap-ass technology. Forbes says that Media Rights Technology advanced the theory that since the DMCA makes it illegal to break DRM, companies with broken DRM have to buy someone's DRM. In other words, "Buy our product or we'll sue you!"."

Submission + - Scientists create 'plastic' blood

simm1701 writes: This aricle on the BBC Writes about a new form of artifical blood.

From the article:
Scientists have developed an artificial plastic blood which could act as a substitute in emergencies.

Researchers at Sheffield University said their creation could be a huge advantage in war zones. They say that the artificial blood is light to carry, does not need to be kept cool and can be kept for longer. The new blood is made up of plastic molecules that have an iron atom at their core, like haemoglobin, that can carry oxygen through the body. The scientists said the artificial blood could be cheap to produce and they were looking for extra funding to develop a final prototype that would be suitable for biological testing.

Dr Lance Twyman, of the university's Department of Chemistry, said: "We are very excited about the potential for this product and about the fact that this could save lives. "Many people die from superficial wounds when they are trapped in an accident or are injured on the battlefield and can't get blood before they get to hospital. "This product can be stored a lot more easily than blood, meaning large quantities could be carried easily by ambulances and the armed forces."

A sample of the artificial blood prototype will be on display at the Science Museum in London from 22 May as part of an exhibition about the history of plastics.

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