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Comment Find a passion (Score 1) 783

I am in the last year of an MDiv program and moving towards Ordained Ministry in the United Methodist Church. My undergrad was in Comptuer Science and I was a software engeenier and project manager for almost a decade. For me I just couldn't stand being locked in the office all day and started to explore what I found really interesting and rewarding. I was volunteering at my church at the time and decided that I was feeling called to make it my profession.

I would say find that thing that holds your interest, that you'd get great satisfaction out of, and find a way to make it your job. Careers should be about a lot more than money. They should stir something in you which has its own rewards. Yes, you'll not be able to buy as much. Though, ask yourself, do all the things you buy really make your life better or are they just a means to distract yourself from the job you dislike.

We did have to sell our home and move into a small apartment while at school and their won't be any new cars for a long while, but it was well worth it. I've been busier the last three years than I have ever been, yet at the same time happier and more excited about life.

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