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Comment Re:Good use-case? (Score 1) 68

I'd think of something like an UPDATEable filtered table. The view would just be a SELECT with some WHERE clause on some huge table. This way, you'd probably manage a much smaller amount of data, but you'd be able to update it. Maybe the data you filter out is not only unwanted, but it could also be obsolete, so you'd prefer not to filter it in the client application.

Just an hypothesis...

Comment What about materialized views? (Score 2) 68

I'd rather lose UPDATEable views and finally get materialized views. They would be a huge performance and clarity help. If you have a query that takes some time (due to data size) and it's source tables are not updated frequently, you can make a table with the results by hand, but the DB should be able to do it by itself.

Comment Prior art? (Score 2) 169

There was some research back in the past, this is a much more precise version, it seems (and btw, why aren't they using also the built-in camera, which is very common in today's laptops?)


Comment Re:Gonna get flamed (Score 5, Insightful) 668

Maybe you remember measles parties, but not the measles wards in hospitals, where people with their brain smashed by encephalitis were kept. In that case, maybe you would have gotten a better picture. Kids also were dying more frequently in the past, and that was not as big an issue as today, because it was not avoidable at best and anyway there were many more kids per family than today.

I was vaccinated (my choice at 18) and survived an infection. I lived with people with measles and was ok all the time. I don't see having the virus spreading to my lungs, eyes, skin and brain as a better option. And I've seen the effects, you don't want to try them.

Comment Re:Please, please, get that shot! (Score 1) 668

Thank you, they recovered quite well, but only them can tell how they felt for almost a week, and I suspect also a reduction in the immune response for some time in the child (he was a little more than 1 year old at the time). Actually, the child couldn't tell how he felt, but you could see it in his face.
Luckily the haven't developed any side effect, which as was told are not so uncommon.

Comment Please, please, get that shot! (Score 5, Interesting) 668

This year my wife mysteriously got measles (in Italy). She hadn't been vaccinated because when we were young the vaccine was not available. BUT our youngest child got it, too, because he was at the time younger than the age at which you get the shot.

I don't tell you the trouble of having a diagnosis, since the disease is so uncommon today, that after two visits, my wife finally diagnosed it herself on wikipedia (sic). And the trouble of telling all the authorities, which needed to find the lost protocols for such an infection.

To sum it up: the studies linking the shot with autism were done by an UK professor, who has been on trial for telling false results to help his own company.
When you don't get the shot and you are healthy, you're just selfishly exploiting the fact that most of "other people" will get the shot and you will be protected. BUT measles IS dangerous, and some people won't have your choice, because they are too young or too unhealthy to get that shot. They will risk severe damages by the disease, so PLEASE don't be a wimp and kindly get vaccinated.


Submission + - Silver Pen Allows for Hand-Written Circuits (gizmag.com)

Zothecula writes: People have been using pens to jot down their thoughts for thousands of years but now engineers at the University of Illinois have developed a silver-inked rollerball pen that allows users to jot down electrical circuits and interconnects on paper, wood and other surfaces. Looking just like a regular ballpoint pen, the pen's ink consists of a solution of real silver that dries to leave electrically conductive silver pathways. These pathways maintain their conductivity through multiple bends and folds of the paper, enabling users to personally fabricate low-cost, flexible and disposable electronic devices.

Submission + - Can Ubuntu Linux Consume Less Power Than Windows? (phoronix.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Now that the big Linux kernel power regression has been solved it looks like Ubuntu 11.04 can compete with Microsoft Windows 7 in terms of overall power usage. New tests revealed by Phoronix show the power consumption of Ubuntu 11.04 vs. Windows 7 operating systems. On a range of different systems, the power consumption of the Linux OS was comparable to that of Windows except for a few select workloads and systems.

Comment Re:Biased reporting will give biased reactions (Score 1) 840

Thank you, I'm Italian and the report given in the pbs article is way too rough. Just getting some buzz-words from a speak and stitching them together can make it say anything you want.
The catholicnewsagency translation is right.

The pope didn't say that the internet is dividing nations, but that digital divide is exacerbating distances between wealthy and poor ones.
And he said that the internet can lead the single person to be left alone because he/she doesn't think like the majority, without looking at his/her face and seeing he/she is a real person.

Comment I was there, too (Score 1) 443

I was in California (Davis) at the time, and /. gave me good news, interesting thoughts, and showed a brand pre-pre-pre blogging way of handling news.

In 9/11/2001, you showed to the world how a good community site could be able to support a world which was trembling that day, and you gave a very interesting recount on how you did it.

Plus, you've always had a bigger, fatter pipe than everyone else!

Thank you again for still being here, and always getting better.

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