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Comment Re:Backfires? (Score 1) 453

"Hotmail sent a message containing a malicious link to all of his contacts" Most likely, the user is at fault here. Does he really think it was Hotmail who sent him the message? Seriously? I get messages every so often on Hotmail claiming to be an admin of some sort, or "Hotmail Team" who wants to know my username and pass or else my account will be deleted. Does anyone fall for this? Maybe so.. In any case, a pc magazine editor shouldn't be falling for this kind of stuff, not so late in the game anyway. As a matter of fact, I still have a Hotmail account! (The horrors) I keep nothing of importance there and have had it since the 90s, before MS bought them. The pw is in lowercase, it's a dictionary term - all that would make you think I've been 'hacked' numerous times. But no! Not even once - I just don't go clicking every bloody email with the subject "Hotmail Team". It's still clean as a whistle. I'm aware that MS is not winning the local popularity contest and I got no qualms with that, as I also have my own reasons for wanting to stick it to them - but this is bordering on silliness. We all know it's the user, no matter how much we'd like the system to be at fault.

Submission + - TeliSonera to charge for skype (ajour.se)

Methuselus writes: TeliaSonera has said it will be charging for Skype on mobiles — this summer. Having failed to block the usage of free-calling software, they have opted to start subscriptions at 6euro a month instead. This will be launched in Spain this month and Sweden in the summer. All other Telcos will be sure to follow their lead if this does not backfire on TeliaSonera

Link is in English and Swedish.

Comment information vs identity (Score 1) 315

The current trend of forcing real-name policies is ridiculous. In smaller groups, a real name may benefit the group in communication and identification - but in large groups, like the internet, where the message is of more value and there is no reasonable desire/possibility to be able to identify the poster -why bother? Instead, people choose not to post, what might have been usable, valuable information.

Comment Block his access somehow..... (Score 1) 704

Come up with a simple way of making his games not run. He will spend a lot of time figuring out why. Increase difficulty everytime he comes up with a solution. I learnt programming this way when our teacher simply took the games of our school LANtastic menu, in the process of figuring it out I read as many batch scripts as I could to alter the boot parameters to bypass the LANtastic password manager allowing to play golf and test-drive to my hearts content. He could have just taken these games off, but I think he wanted us to figure it out.

Good Language Choice For School Programming Test? 407

An anonymous reader writes "The Australian Informatics Olympiad programming test is being run in a couple of months. I'm an experienced programmer and I'm thinking of volunteering to tutor interested kids at my children's school to get them ready. There will be children of all levels in the group, from those that can't write 'hello world' in any language, to somewhat experienced programmers. For those starting from scratch, I'm wondering what language to teach them to code in. Accepted languages are C, C++, Pascal, Java, PHP, Python and Visual Basic. I'm leaning towards Python, because it is a powerful language with a simple syntax. However, the test has a run-time CPU seconds limit, so using an interpreted language like Python could put the students at a disadvantage compared to using C. Is it better to teach them something in 2 months that they're likely to be able to code in but possibly run foul of the CPU time limit, or struggle to teach them to code in a more complicated syntax like C/C++ which would however give them the best chance of having a fast solution?"

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