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Comment Re:Did we start liking Mono, and I missed it? (Score 1) 255

Have you forgotten that Java is now also owned by an almost identical same large company, that is by far less trustworthy than anything Microsoft ever hoped to be? Comparing Oracle and Microsoft's openness to a community is like making the comparison of tolerance between a Taliban insurgent and the Dahli Lama.

Comment Re:You morons! You are playing right into their pl (Score 1) 129

If you believe in something, have the balls to stand and die for it, otherwise you're just a coward or as history has shown, probably french. No revolution ever succeeds without real strength. Peaceful revolutions do not exist, never kid yourself otherwise. The govn was already looking for ways and reasons to control the internet and protests, this doesn't do anything to stop that. The simple fact is they have it anytime they want it and there is nothing the masses can do to stop it short of violence.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1, Insightful) 118

No one gives a shit about the source. We care about being able to run our own apps on it. In this sense, android allows it just as easy as windows does, with apple saying "no sir, go f yerself, this is our empire". No one mentioned it being open source, just being open to allowing you to run what you want. Now get off your code cave troll and go back to your git repository.

Comment Re:Landing (Score 0) 379

Quit your bitching. You get paid enough to do it. If you don't like it quit. There's more than enough they could do to fix your windshields if they wanted to, face it, you're not worth the money to invest in for a few annoyances a year to your own employers. It's the airlines faults for building runways and airports in the middle of population zones in the first damn place. As annoying as it is to get temporarily blinded, its just as annoying to all the people you're flying over to constantly hear the planes coming overhead.

Comment I heard.... (Score 1) 89

I heard a rumor that there really isn't any internet traffic out of china, that all they really have is government teams of people posting stuff out for them to make us think they're actually connected. Instead all the people are actually surgically connected into the world's most powerful HUMANCENTiPAD.

Comment You can't... (Score 1) 624

When will these morons figure out you can't legislate out bullying. There's only one solution to bullying and that is standing up for ones self in some way. Making a law for every little thing doesn't solve anything. One would think they would have learned that with everything from speed limits and graffiti to prohibition and the war on drugs. Then again, this is NY senators who thing that simply having more gun laws will stop gun crime, and we see how well that has worked out for them as well.

Comment Re:Oath (Score 5, Insightful) 307

Then I ask what the UCMJ says about when the Constitution is at odds with the current PotUS or the Order of the Officers above him? Or in any combination? At what point does the soldiers responsibility become to defend the Constitution of the United States against *all* enemies, foreign and domestic, even if those enemies are the President and the appointed officers?
Real Time Strategy (Games)

Submission + - Dreams Are Virtual Reality Threat Simulation

Time Slows Down writes: "Psychology Today has an interesting story on a new theory of why we dream. Finnish psychologist Antti Revonsuo believes that dreams are a sort of nighttime theater in which our brains screen realistic scenarios simulating emergency situations and providing an arena for safe training. "The primary function of negative dreams is rehearsal for similar real events, so that threat recognition and avoidance happens faster and more automatically in comparable real situations," he says. We have 300 to 1,000 threat dreams per year — one to four per night and just under half are aggressive encounters: physical aggression such as fistfights, and nonphysical aggression such as verbal arguments. Faced with actual life-or-death situations — traffic accidents, terrorist attacks, street assaults — people report entering a mode of calm, rapid response, reacting automatically, almost without thinking. Afterward, they often say the episode felt unreal, as if it were all a dream. "Dreaming is a sensitive system that tries to pay much attention to the threatening cues in our environment," Revonsuo says. "Their function is to protect and prepare us.""

Submission + - MySQL's Threat to Commercial Databases (cnn.com)

eldavojohn writes: "The odds are high that you've heard of the most popular open source database, MySQL. Financial columnists like CNN/Fortune author David Kirkpatrick are starting to notice it too and recognize it as a serious threat to ... well, every other commercial database out there. Sun CEO Scott McNealy said "If you want to save money, make the default database MySQL. It's free ... if Yahoo and Google can run their entire operations on MySQL, then certainly there's a huge chunk of your operations that could run on it as well." With press like that and the performance to back it up, is MySQL going to ruin commercial databases created by Oracle, IBM & Microsoft?"

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