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Comment Re:Wasn't this answered long ago? (Score 1) 145

How is the burden of proof fall on the Theist's side?? Haha. A Theist could not prove he stepped in dog shit on the way to work. Even though the fresh scent is everywhere, there is brown stuff on the bottom of his shoe.. yet he'd say something like, How can you prove that this substance came out of a dogs butthole? Can you please prove the exact origin of the stink you're smelling. Until that is proven then I have not stepped in anything. Now if you will excuse me I will ignorantly continue my day.

Comment Proof EA/DICE/Bioware Benefited from PIRACY (Score 1) 1115

I first pirated Battlefield Bad Company 2 before buying it outright on steam. FOR FULL PRICE TOO! NOT ON SALE. There simply was no demo, and I do not believe in blindly making purchases. I also pirated Mass Effect 2 before buying it from steam when it was on sale. ME2 simply wasn't anything I'd normally buy. But I wanted to try it, and at the time there was NO DEMO. They have one NOW but its too late. I still bought it. If it wasn't for PIRACY I would not have made either of these purchases. SIMPLE PROOF right here. I don't think i'm the only one who does this. By using Pirated software you don't get patches/updates automatically like you do on steam and most of the time you get an early buggy version. Even though ME2 is still a bit buggy, I can at least get DLC when I'm finished the main part of the game. Remember this is PROOF that EA/DICE/Bioware received $75 from ME ALONE only because PIRACY EXISTS. On the other hand PIRACY also saved ME from making BAD purchases. Like the new AVP. I pirated that; DECIDED IT SUCKS and that was it. $50 in my pocket for not buying a PIECE OF CRAP.

Comment No need for stem-cell work-around (Score 2, Insightful) 231

There is no need for a work-around on Stem-cell research. Stem-cells are taken from already dead fetuses. There is no ethical issue. Why do people have so many damn problems with using dead tissue to save lives? Either way the technical feat achieved here is still remarkable. It is a work-around not from an ethical perspective but getting the same results from a more abundant cell.

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