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Comment Re:Keystone pipe is mainly for shipping oil to Chi (Score 1) 478

Vancouver is not a year round port. The Keystone XL pipline will tie in pipelines comeing down into Illinois with pipelines coming up into Oklahoma. Canadian companies want to foot the majority of the cost as it will give a year round market for their shale oil. It gives the U.S. oil companies access to more feedstock for the refineries.

Yeah, Canadian companies what to sell their product all year long rather than having to stockpile in the winter months.

Comment Re:I think someone without a degree wrote that sum (Score 1) 329

And the tendency to conflate "degree" with "competent" has become a pervasive recipe for failure. A lot of that has to do with dumbing down public schools to the point that fast food franchises look for 2 year degrees to be assured that the employees can count change.
    On the flip side; there are tons of jobs that do not require a college education to perform but only about six months of on the job training. But, in the last two decades; human resources departments have been requiring a four year degree even to get interviewed.
        In the actual work environment; a new hire with a 4 year degree may take up to two years to get up to the level a non degree employee with five years on the job will have. And the 4 year degree person will require a higher salary due to the crushing debt load from the overly inflated charges for formal education.

Comment Re:It's become derogatory? (Score 1) 416

What made the "verified" tag a derogatory one was when Twitter started pulling the verified tag from accounts for people who didn't follow mainstream liberal party line. It is almost like you have to be a rabid SJW to get and keep a "verified" tag. Whether an account is verified to be coming from the person they claim to be should bear no relationship to what is said on the account. Yeah, when being "de-verified" is a punishment for having counter culture opinions; it becomes a derogatory term.

Comment Re:Where's the news? (Score 1) 266

Misconception... Costco does not make ANYTHING. The Kirkland brand name is based on locating competitive manufacturers that will make items at a discount for the Kirkland marque. The manufacturing company would be the one that infringed on patents, if any. But, as the manufacturer is probably in a third world country with very low labor costs and no reciprocal patent law; good luck finding anyone to sue for the actual infringement. The best to be expected is a court order banning sales of infringing goods.

Comment Re: Alternative media. (Score 1) 301

Freedom from censorship by government is a right. Freedom from censorship in a social setting is a U.S. cultural meme that gets many people angry when it is trampled on. Corporations that try to squash free speech outside of their own workplace often show fiscal losses when it becomes public knowledge. When you denigrate the cultural values of your customer base; you pay... often you pay big.

Comment Re:Alternative media. (Score 2) 301

I can see that shopping list of companies pulling adverts from YouTube. After all, most of them are companies that have been slam-dunked for regressive political support and anti employee policies on YouTube videos for quite a while.

Having advertising seemingly randomly assigned to videos does make for some hilarious juxtapositions... Like a Chevrolet Truck commercial that played on a video of the CEO of GM stating that now 7 out of 10 Chevrolets are made in China.

Comment Re:The Fallen (Score 2) 195

A vehicle mounted water cannon for non lethal riot suppression with an integral bullet shield to protect law enforcement officers and a flex seal at the bottom of the shield so that anyone on the ground cannot be carried under the vehicle..... only a total idiot would call this a "kiildozer: as it is visually obvious that this was designed from the beginning to be a non-lethal solution to major civil disturbance while protecting law enforcement.

Don't bait the clueless; they tend to throw tantrums and throw things and break ATM machines and store windows.

Comment Re:It's rock and hard place time for youtube (Score 1) 265

Or, actually allow sponsorship of content creators instead of randomly allocating advertisements. Better targeting of demographics for sales and you don't end up with advertisements for Viagra on top of rants against big pharma or the like.

One person I've noted that has really jumped on the corporate sponsor bandwagon is the musician Lindsey Stirling. Corporate sponsors funding really high dollar world class music videos are making for the creation of superlative content.

Comment Cited study doesn't look back far enough. (Score 1) 181

The late 1980s and early 1990s was a time of huge scare campaigns over pain medications and the rise of Oxycontin becoming a drug problem. Suddenly, it was almost impossible to get a prescription for pain medication. People in a cast with a broken leg were given Tylenol for the pain. In some states they were flagging physicians for a review board if they wrote more than six prescriptions for pain killers a month. By the end of their time slice, 2013, some sanity had come back into the attitudes on pain medications.

        Regrettably, the scare tactics of the cited article is trying to bring back the bugaboo of prescription pain killers. Shoot, today many employers refuse to allow workers to work if they are taking Tramodol. Tramodol is a synthetic developed to have the pain relief for arthritis like codeine while being unable to get high and without the side effects of drowsiness codeine causes. But, being an "opiate agonizer" has that nasty opiate word in it and you are considered unsafe to work while taking such a prescription.

          Opiates feel nice to many. After surgery or extreme trauma nothing works as well as the opiates for pain relief. Opiates can be abused. Opiates come from a plant you can grow and there is a gigantic black market for them. But you bloody well can't equate getting a prescription for opiates after a broken leg, surgery, tooth removal, etc. with becoming dependent on a chemical high and ending up a heroine addict.

Comment Path of least resistance.... (Score 1) 153

The experience....

Hear about a new book.....

Put title or author into Google
Get returns for 8 pirate download sites and 4 sales sites.
Click on sales site.
Get inundated with adverts to the point you can't read the listing of books.
Click on another sales site
Get to the fourth web page trying to register to use the side and get disgusted
Click on another sales site.
See that they want over $20 for a digital version of the book you are interested in.
Click on the last sales site.
Have the shopping cart bomb three times while trying to purchase.
Go to the first pirate site, download, be reading within a minute.

At least this experience is becoming less frequent with Amazon carrying so many authors in eBook only format. And, the publishing houses getting off the idiot paradigm that an eBook should cost the same as a library grade hard cover.

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