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Comment Re:Of course the spin is people are... (Score 1) 693

And if the voting age had been lowered to 4... everyone would have cookies.

Yeah, but the FACT is that voting age was risen from 16 to 18.

So your theory is that Cameron is incredibly reckless in a way that would likely lead to his need to resign?

No. He was incredibly reckless in a way that he thought would give him and his country an advantage over the EU, and at the same time help calming down internal unrest.

Comment Re:Of course the spin is people are... (Score 1) 693

...the very small number of people genuinely unable to vote (despite their best efforts...

Not so small! British expats -e.g. those living in other EU countries- weren't allowed to vote, nor people aged between 16 and eighteen, even when they were allowed to vote in the Scottish referendum.

By sheer coincidence, these two groups would have voted for the Remain option.

My pet theory is that Cameron et al wanted the Remain camp to succeed, though by a thin margin, so they could use the results to put pressure on the EU.

"Hoisted by his own petard", indeed!

Comment Re:Incomplete story (Score 1) 194

Sadly, only the bones have been recovered. The coroner is performing a forensic examination of the remains and a report will be made public soon, but confidential sources tell us that the bones bear tooth marks. The horror!

Hence, it's totally legit that the police uses a Stingray to catch this bloody cannibal! If he does this with chickens and doesn't get stopped, he'll soon be eating people! Yikes!

"Won't someone think of the chickens?"

Comment Hmmmm.... (Score 1) 191

"And even if we build a particle accelerator to the fullest capacity of our technology around the equator of the Earth, we still couldn’t reach those energies."

There are far bigger accelerators 'out there', and they're called quasars, pulsars and black holes. Even if the claims in the article apply, the study of high energy cosmic rays could help us to discover and study new particles, In a similar way to what is being done with neutrinos.

Disclaimer: IANAPP :-)

Comment Re:Most commenters in this thread ... (Score 1) 591

Wrong, now that we have DNA sequencing techniques which are applied normally, we can be sure of guilt

That's true only for those cases where DNA evidence is relevant or even exists, and in those cases where irrelevant DNA evidence is not abused by the DA to fool the jurors. Perhaps now it's not a 20%, just a 17 % or even a 15%. My point stands, though.

If the fed, state or local government wants you dead they will kill you and don't need a trial

Sad, but probably true.

Comment Most commenters in this thread ... (Score 2) 591

... seem to have forgotten about that study in the nineties that applied the then recently developed DNA sequencing techniques to old cases. Said study proved conclusively that about a 20% of the executed were innocent. It can be logically inferred that nowadays the % of false convictions is close to that, excluding (most) cases where DNA evidence is used.

And the problem with the appeals is that every official involved in the case has an interest, a set of perverse incentives, in upholding the death sentences. No policeman, attorney or judge wants the public to know that they helped to sentence an innocent to death. The result: the appeals process is an uphill battle against the establishment, and most people lack the resources (money) to carry out a successful appeal.

Other studies prove that witnesses are far less reliable than generally assumed, that often the cops and district attorneys put too much pressure on witnesses and suspects, or directly manipulate or hide evidence that could set the suspect free.

Is the American legal system perfect and free of errors and corruption? Can you resurrect a wrongly executed person? If you can't answer affirmatively to at least one of these questions, death penalty is just another crime.

To further clarify my point, most of the convicts in the death row probably deserve to be executed, but the rest of the population doesn't deserve to live in a country that has that kind of power over its citizens, because that power will be -and has been- abused.

Let the downvotes begin... . Anyway this needed to be said.

Comment Re:Well actually he's pretty solidly anti-gun too. (Score 1) 234

... and you end up with taxes on drugs to pay for some of the likely increase in health problems

If you remove the war on drugs, you also remove contamination -poisonings-, variations in drug's concentration -overdoses-, needle sharing - AIDS, hepatitis- and most of the reasons for violent drug related crimes. Your "likely increase in health problems" is quite unlikely, indeed.

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