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Comment Political parties are dinosaurs (Score 1) 694

Scrap political parties. Who can stay loyal to any party when their checkerboard pattern of policies are so all over the place. No party fits my ideal and most of them save all their controversial law changes for the very last part of the term they are about to lose. They basically rip holes in the sails just before they jump ship. I'd prefer a policy system where I can vote for smaller groups of people who have a strategy for a small part of government e.g. energy, education etc. Voting in a party that takes control of everything might have been what the people wanted 100 years ago but not today. Our current political systems favour the government, screw over the people. What if you are a minority? Why not let all parties have power effectively by spreading the taxes over all them by % win in votes. Sure this has its pros and cons. Splitting the taxes into small quantities reduces its spending power but there has to be a better way than what we have. Party swapping every few years seems so schizophrenic, bills come and go over time, what a waste of resources, so inefficient.

Submission + - Are Iranian students terrorists?

Mephesh writes: Iranian students at the ECU University in Perth Western Australia have been asked to demonstrate that their work is not related to terrorism. Depending on the discipline this could be very easy or very difficult.

Comment Worst article ever (Score 1) 343

I'm so over people posting articles and not reading them properly. Is this merely a rush for quick fame on slash dot? Slow down! Calm down! Read the article thoroughly before posting it on slashdot. Not reading a a post by SoulSkill ever again.

Comment Vote Stealing (Score 1) 177

The country probably had problems with underhanded campaigning using the internet just before elections, manipulating votes. Imagine a rumour was communicated to you over the net, (you are a swinging voter), you changed your vote only to find later that your vote was effectively stolen due to a false rumour. The second party would not have time to respond to the communication and effectively the election is won underhandedly.

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