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Comment Re:three words, one hyphen: (Score 1) 549

Using basis points removes the ambiguity when talking about fractions of percentages.

Consider: "The interest rate, previously 5%, has been raised by 1%". Does this mean the new interest rate is 6% (5 + 1), or 5.05% (5 * 1.01)?

If you say "The interest rate, previously 5%, has been raised by 100 basis points" then the only possible interpretation is that the new interest rate is 6%.


Submission + - Google's Profits Fall 20% Year-on-Year (

MentalMooMan writes: Google's quarterly profits fell 20% compared to the same quarter a year ago, according to a mistakenly-released draft earnings report. The report was supposed to be released after the markets closed, but was submitted earlier. Google is blaming printing firm RR Donnelley for the mistake. Google stock is down 9% and the NASDAQ has halted trading until the earnings report is finalised by Google.

Submission + - UK now censoring Wikipedia 1

badfish99 writes: As the register is reporting, ISPs in the UK are now censoring access to Wikipedia, because of the image on this page.
I've just tried to access it myself, and I get a 404 error, with no indication that the page really exists but has been censored. How many other 404 errors in the last few years have been things that the government didn't want me to read? It's a good job I've installed Tor.

Submission + - Allofmp3 aquitted in Russia

no-body writes: Former owner of Allofmp3 aquitted in Russia — suit thrown out of court BBC

Judge: "The prosecution did not succeed in presenting persuasive evidence of his involvement in infringing copyright law,"
Apparently, Allofmp3 paid paid part of its income to ROMS, the Russian organisation which collects and distributes fees for copyright holders.

A Russian comment: "99 cent? That's the price for two bottles of wodka here. Nobody cann affort to pay that much for a MP3 file."

Submission + - Artificial Tornadoes Could Solve Global Warming (

Bomarrow1 writes: Louis Michaud believes that Man-Made Tornadoes could be the answer to global warming. He suggests that if hundreds of tornadoes were placed along the equator using warm water to power them they could solve the current energy problem. A side effect of this would be that they would aid in removing heat from the atmosphere by raising warm air to the outer limits of the atmosphere.

Submission + - YouTube changes its story...BANS Gisburne forever

An anonymous reader writes: After deleting Nick Gisburne's account over a video YouTube claims was "Inappropriate Content" YouTube has now changed it's story and has deleted his new account claiming that the exact same video now violates a "Third Parties Copyright". There still exist some 50+ copies of this video that were posted in response to his that still exist on YouTube. Each of these were clearly posted as responses to the original.

To make things even more bizarre, several outspoken Christians (firefly515 and GlenReb) apparently launched a "flag and complain" campaign against Nick in an attempt to have him removed from YouTube. firefly515 has made a video gloating about getting NickGisburne2000 banned. After posting that video he received so much flack from the YouTube community as a whole that he made a video asking everyone to vote on whether or not he should delete all of his videos and his account.

The YouTube community has been left confused over what really happened here. Was the Christian campaign successful? Did the video actually violate the YouTube TOS for appropriate content? Did the video in fact violate copyright law as outlined in the DMCA?

Submission + - Teens Face Expulsion After Fake "Snow Day"

PennyLoafers writes: Two teenagers in Ohio face expulsion from school and legal trouble after posting a fake "snow day" cancellation notice on their school's web site. This story explains that while the students didn't hack the web page, they face charges of "unauthorized computer use by reason of records tampering" among other counts. While the students were certainly wrong to pull this kind of prank, are these charges justified?

Submission + - Norway to introduce pervasive Internet filtering

Lurifax writes: In a 200 page document submitted to the government today, a legislative committee proposes amendments to the Norwegian computer crime legislation. One of the more interesting proposals is a new bill for governmental control of Internet access. In this scheme, all ISPs in the country are to implement IP-level blocking of sites in other countries offering offensive content. Types of offensive content include porn, gambling, sharing of files such as mp3 and movies, exploits, vulnerability scanners, virii, information about explosives and other content types.

Many Norwegian news media have reported this story today. Aftenposten is one of them (unfortunately only in Norwegian): 39559.ece

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