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Comment Original Diablo (Score 1) 216

I hated Diablo 2, the story was too far fetched and over complicated compared to the original The first Diablo was perfect and Diablo games are only going to get more and more messed up as they keep tacking on more junk

Comment Re:Windows logo (Score 1) 585

If youre running a stand only data center Unix would be great But some computing environments requires Windows Server for things like RIS / Active Directory / Group policy updates Unless there is some way for a Linux server to push Windows updates to Windows PCs that I have never heard of

Comment raytracing is the same thing (Score 1) 253

Graphics rendering has the same exact problems It's an n^2 problem to do raytracing each light has to cast a ray to each object you can apply the techiquies to make ray tracing faster, like space partition, limits on how many rays, and making computaiton parallel these concepts also work when mmo players interact

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